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    Bonded Medicine

    You must mean main round, because as far as I know, no med schools in NSW give out medical degree offers until the main round in mid-January (with possible esception of provisional entry to USYD med-supposedly they get informal notification). Late round doesn't usually come out until early...
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    Do people exaggerate the difficulty of the HSC?

    Given your residence in GWS areas, that's going to be roughly the way I would do it. As to whether to put UNCLE or UNSW higher, that depends on your priority. If you think you are strong in interviews and did well, you probably stand better chance there (since their policy is that once you get...
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    Best Subjects to take in Bsc for Graduate Medicine/Dentistry

    If you want to have a shot at transfer, pick the subjects that you think you can enjoy and do well in. But if you are actually after Graduate-entry program, well-balanced program that encompasses as many of the basic medical science disciplines as possible: I personally think...
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    Do people exaggerate the difficulty of the HSC?

    I agree with Jetblack2007 on this, double specialisation in GP and then in obsterics is not very viable, unless you have a really strong passion in both. Not even mentioning the length of training involved, would you be happy to go back to being a trainee at mercy of the brass after spending...
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    Do people exaggerate the difficulty of the HSC?

    What exactly are you implying, that one some specialties you mentioned are not as important or good as the other? Or could this be about the commonly-held belief that the University from which you studied Medicine has a significant bearing in your future specialisation?
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    Reflections of a 4th yr pharm student--pls read if you're considering pharm

    Congratulations on Dubbo job offer. :-) Now that you have a job secured I hope you can wait on the results of other interviews with better peace of mind. And speaking of UAC application fee, don't forget that there are others who spent UAC application fee multiple times. What I am surprised...
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    Reflections of a 4th yr pharm student--pls read if you're considering pharm

    Gosh, another Pharmacy school? At this rate, 10 years from now we might have more pharmacy graduates than law graduates! While it may be a good thing for people living in UNE (they now have med school and pharm school, any news of dent school for trifecta?), it's going to only get worse for...
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    Reflections of a 4th yr pharm student--pls read if you're considering pharm

    Huh? how did it double over the last year? I know CSU-Orange has first turned loose the first graduating class, so that's extra 40 or so, but there doesn't seem to be any (significant) number in Pharmacy graduates from any uni. Or has there been a huge influx from Interstate or...
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    Pharmacy at USyd

    Keep in mind that while they will grant some credit for the subjects studied in Pharmacy degrees in other universities, you most likely will have to still take four years to complete the degree after any successful transfer. The subject contents don't exactly align betweeen universities just...
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    Naturopaths must be regulated, say experts

    Perhaps the federal government should create the registrating and licensing authority for homeopathy and naturopathy when they bring in national registration for the health professions, as scheduled for 2010. Good timing to bring in the occupations into the fold.
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    Likelihood of a North Korean Attack

    I'm not entirely convinced either way in that score. I don't think US would interfere with or oppose should two Koreas agree to unite in German style, but at the time doubt that they can go out of their way to help bringing it about. Got too many problems in their hand at the moment.
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    Reflections of a 4th yr pharm student--pls read if you're considering pharm

    I would believe that a pharmacist will have much more knowledge in pharmacology than a medical graduate/intern. Pharmacy degree has a lot of focus on pharmacology throughout four years (one of four branches of pharmacy!), while in medical degree it is one of many medical science disciplines that...
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    Likelihood of a North Korean Attack

    There were programs to train special forces in South Korea to go into Pyongyang and assassinate Kim Il-sung (Jong-Il's father) back in '70s, but it came to nothing due to thawing of relationship. Personally I suspect certain units in South Korean special forces have been training under such a...
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    Reflections of a 4th yr pharm student--pls read if you're considering pharm

    Well, as a former pharmacy student (at Charles Sturt uni), I agree with much of what lala2 is saying. It is quite true that pharmacy industry is being saturated with graduates: with 500+ graduates every year in NSW alone (and I suspect 1000+ across the nation), and only about 5,000 community...
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    2008 Presidential Election - Obama v McCain That should get you started, though not everything is in there. Basically, from what I've heard, the argument against Dr. Obama's "nautral-born citizenship" hinges on the fact that the Senator hasn't released the official, certified copy of his birth...
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    2008 Presidential Election - Obama v McCain

    Don't know if this has been discussed in over 1700 posts on this topic, but apparently some people in USA are alleging that Dr. Obama is not a natural-born citizen of USA (a constitutional requirement for the president) and contesting his eligibility as a presidential candidate in the Court...
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    B. Science ----> B. Medical Science or Pharmacy

    You can't transfer into 2nd year pharmacy at USYD after doing 1st year at CSU-the subjects simply do not match up. You basically have lighter load in first two years, but you will need to spend 4 years in USYD.
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    Clincial Science--->Medicine Pathway

    I came across this rather interesting section in description of Bachelor of Clinical Science degree at Charles Sturt University. Additional information: A total of 10 places in medicine and 10 places in dentistry have been set aside for the top graduates of this degree who meet the...
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    Pharmacy (NRSL) and Timetable Questions (USYD)

    I did a NRSL transfer this year, with GPA of 6.25 (after a year) and STAT of 179 (hey we tied for it :) The university says you need GPA of around 6.00 and STAT of 150 to gain entry-though I suspect that they may let you in with slightly lower GPA. But looks like you will be able to get in...
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    Pharmacy @ USYD, cutoff?

    You need to have done at least one year of university study and (according to USYD) maintain GPA of 6.0, which translate to TER of 96. And need to have valid STAT results too. Once you get the transfer, you have to obtain the academic transcript and study outline for subjects from your old...