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    hey all by reading what kinda cars u guys drive i'm taking it u all live in the citys, wel i'm from rural n.s.w, my driveway is 15km long and has 3 creek crossings which can get pretty boggy, i'm on my greens and drive a nissan partol (ute) has custom exhause, twin stacks build up behind cap...
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    The 2004 HSC - Industrial Technology Paper

    ind hey dudz the paper was ace, wasent that hard, yeh we stayed up till 3 that morning finishing off major works, i make a bar setting, only so we can get pissed on it after our formal, it's heaps nice though!!! hehhe, what did some others make?
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    Lame stories

    lame of the lame yeh hey in mine i talked about a dog and his desire to find a female friend, he traveled all over the countryside in search of his no 1 partner, if thats not lame i dont know what is, oh the o.c is on tonight yeeee harrrrrrr!!