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    Tutorials in first week?

    I have one for ABDA showing up for the first week?
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    HELP on Enrolment

    I've been enrolled since late Jan and I only have access to two things. One is a literacy test for 1 IT course, thus giving me access to that course.. and a safety induction test for the IT faculty. I'm also doing business and have nothing showing for up accounting/ibp etc.
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    Student Card

    So do we get it on the spot during our allocated booking time?
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    i live in a forest so it may be relevant to my interests.
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    Why do you advise against the IBP textbook and if so what would you recommend strictly for IBP (non law student)?
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    my student admin

    I previously enrolled in all my subjects, however today when I log into my student admin I can't view / change my enrolled subjects. All I can see is three tabs, News Personal and Financial?
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    UWS or UTS Insearch?
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    Post Your 2014 University Offers Here
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    LoL thread

    Re: Official LoL thread first time playing in a season, already gold. to scared to actually queue but also bored. what do?
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    Subject Enrollment

    So 1 lecture and 1 tutorial per subject per week, is that all we're required to enroll in?
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    Subject Enrollment

    What about having back to back classes? I've done my timetable and most of my subjects have tutes right after. For example integrating perspectives lecture from 10-11:30 with a tutorial from 11:30 - 1. Is that okay - Is it advisable to have time in between? - screenshot of said timetable
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    Subject Enrollment

    I enrolled following the course guide (except for 1 subject - Swapped Business Statistics which was suggested in the guide for marketing foundations) and I'm now doing my timetable. Am I required to choose lecture / tutorial times for my courses in spring as well as Autumn?
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    Business studies guide → insight, how to succeed, syllabus, tips, help, advice

    I think memorizing the syllabus is one of if not the most important thing people can do if they want to score marks in the last 2 sections of the paper As well as trivializing the multiple choice / short answer sections. Also with section IV I ended up writing it as an essay with integrated...
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    The McDonald's Thread

    I feel as if the contrast of these two posts genuinely conveys the detriments of youth in our society. also please look into sterilization. thx lol !!!!1
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    favourite luxury brand?

    what is perception
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    favourite luxury brand?

    fill it with bleach and drink it, thanks.
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    Need Help ASAP: results check

    m8 dey didnt teach me da grammar
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    Need Help ASAP: results check

    mate if you put as much effort into your "exam technique" as you did with your thread / replies you should be greatful with a 69. also advanced english? i think you're trying too hard with the broken english in an attempt to bait -