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    Crime "Identify and analyse TWO conditions that have led to..."

    Hahaha.......well alright. Don't worry I get you... Well it pays off to study at least you feel better. I guess you deserve to be happy about your achievement.
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    Crime "Identify and analyse TWO conditions that have led to..."

    Yeah don't think everyone is not as clever as you.... lol I got the same only with Impact of new technology and Changing Values and the Composition of society. It's all about a rank so even the raw 93 might not scale you up because there are hell of a lot of people who are over 90ies....
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    Multiple Choice

    LOL I nearly threw away my multiple choice... I've circled what I chose so here it is... D B B A D- back deep in my mind I remember reading something about the inquisitorial system and the codification, may be it was a dream but I relied on that when I asnwered it lol D A C D- well it is...
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    LEGAL STUDIES So....what ya think?

    HAhahaha.......I'm absolutely happy this is over! 4 of the girls from my class and I think the Legal Test was easy breeeeezy....... I only was frustrated at being made to write fast for the 7th time now, so my finger is like fructured a little. What's with casumers questions any more plane...
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    What you think of Girls in Girls schools???

    Hi! Sorry I've realised that my nick is kinda wierd, but all the usernames I wanted were taken so I got annoyed and wrote "shitstuff" ahaha now I'm stuck with it. Anyway my question is to students in coet schools. What do you think of Girls that go to Girls Schools??? Few of my out of...