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    UNSW Course Review (BUSINESS)

    COMM2000 (Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact ) vs MGMT1101 (Global Business Environment)? Look for an elective to complete my degree. If anyone has completed any of these 2 subject, i would appreciate your feedback on the: -overall course itself -whether it was interesting...
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    Econ1203 - plz im dying

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any past papers from this course they could pass to me? Because, i can't seem to be able to find any on UNSW library or online. Much appreciated guys!
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    Exchange to Taiwan (UNSW)

    Has anyone here had the experience of doing an exchange to Taiwan? I'm entering 2nd year this year and am thinking of possibly doing exchange in 2nd semester, but would like some opinions. So share below if you have any and also, the costs (considering it's Asia- which i'd assume is going to...
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    Post your results and wam thread (s2/14)

    can no longer see academic statement
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    Post your results and wam thread (s2/14)

    pretty certain it's macro
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    Post your results and wam thread (s2/14)

    failed a subject. do not want to go to summer school..
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    UNSW Food Guide

    omg, kfc. Yes plz
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    ECON1102: Ease: 6/10- (Got completely mislead by micro. Thought that if micro was relatively easy, macro would be the same. But i was so wrong. They mark pretty harsh with the hand-ins (but i guess that's mostly because i put a half-ass effort into them). After finals, 3/10 Content:5/10- Like...
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    May have fucked up my fins1613 finals

    Oh okay, thank god. Don't want to do macro again.. (but that potential F on my transcript though) :'(
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    May have fucked up my fins1613 finals

    Do you still need to repeat the flexible core if you fail or can you take another flexible core to make up for it (for commerce)?
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    UNSW Sem 2 Finals Thread

    how do you effectively study for infs1602? :/
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    Econ1102 finals

    So much evil sorcery in one paper
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    Econ1102 finals

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    UNSW Food Guide

    tried the bang mi thit at the matthews pavilion today - bit disappointed and also expensive
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    UNSW Economics/Finance Subject Reviews

    I was originally planning to do it in my final year haha
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    General Education (Gen Ed) FAQ

    it's not too bad, but tbh, there are much better subjects than econ1101 to do as a gen-ed
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    Post Your 2015 Sem 1 Timetable

    Can someone pls tell me how to get rid of that clash? ^ even though its not clashing with anything...
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    WAM needed to get into commerce/science at USYD. Transfer from UNSW combined law

    hope you dont mind me asking, but why do you want to transfer?
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    Yes, I'd like to also know the answer to this. Can someone pls answer? :)
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    UNSW Food Guide

    Tried the carbonara pasta inside Q lounge court (downstairs one) and it is was wayyyyyyyyyy too salty