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    ADF 'gap year'???

    I think evilo you have got it all wrong. you can work overseas, its called a working holiday, i think you get a better appreciation of the world in whole when you have been to other countrys. Australia is one little island in a big world. i dont think that you can say that taking a gap year in...
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    My cousin is doing this, he is in his forth year, he did 4 unit math at school, was really good at it. went to the course, didnt really study just did what he had to and still passed, i don't know if this will be any help.
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    NSW Police Force

    Just would like to know if anyone is at or finished the policing course at goulborn for employment with the nsw police. I would like to know how long the process usually takes once applie to be accepted into the course, and once in the course are you usually offered a job at the end of it???????
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    Stupid HSC examiner

    What do u actually get in terms of a misadventure. Bonus marks??? Estimate??? If bonus marks how many do u think u would get. Our school principal filled in a misadventure form for the whole school becasue of the bail bombings .. what would we get for that ( Our school was where all the...
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    Thoughts - How did you all find the exam?

    How did you all find the exam I didnt do it but i was wondering how people went. Im starting this early becasue im not coming back to my computer for a while..
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    Does Anyone Know What happens with Misadventure

    What happens if your Mis adventure is granted??? Our school pricipal applied for the whole school to get Misadventure becasuse of an event... Do u think we will get it .. and what happen
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    Creative Writing... any ideas

    I know its a bit late now but what are some ideas people are going to write about for creative writing.. Do u think that we will have to right a narrative or what??? I hope its not a newspaper report
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    Inter-continental Hotel School Sydney

    When diid u have your interview??? I am going to the open day to
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    Accomodation in sydney

    Relate to the fucking question that i asked
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    Schoolies Is Sad!

    Schoolies is going to be so fun getting smashed.. actually i am smashed right now.. ps. does anyone no any good porn sites
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    Hsc.. is it that important

    i can get fee help and it is the same as hecs... same cost as a normal uni course... Mature age student only need to be 20
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    Schoolies nightclubs

    that was a fair enough comment..
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    Schoolies nightclubs

    The Clubs up there are the best.. I think its because there is alot more younger people in queensland. it will be packed for schoolies...
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    schoolies is da bomb

    What he is saying is that it is going to be good... if schoolies was shit it wouldnt still happen today. how can you judge that it is not going to be good.. thats your view
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    schoolies is da bomb

    What cruise u talken bout
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    schoolies is da bomb

    I agree they both piss me off so much. they say that i shouldnt have an opion.. it sounds like they have an opion too. there both wankers
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    schoolies is da bomb

    what do u mean.. what the hell is all that spamming shit mean.. i am actually trying to find out how u delete it
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    schoolies is da bomb

    I understand what you are saying.. i dont read other peoples stuff.. should of looked
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    schoolies is da bomb

    Look at what i wrote to start the forum.. i have never said i was going to queesland for schoolies..
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    schoolies is da bomb

    And read what i wrote at the start again.. i said schoolies is the bomb.. went last year for two days .. best fun i ever had and i wasernt even 18 so this year will be even better