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    Buying Essays + Need a Marker

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a tutor who has done my English texts to look over my essays and help me with writing my analysis instead of someone who will look at the general structure and strength of the argument. I'm also looking for essays for the modules as resources. (I'm happy to pay for...
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    Mod A Essay Structure

    Hey, Getting some contrasting information and struggling with this essay. I was planning on going with a blocked essay (T1)(T2)(T1)(T2) but then I was told that intertwined is usually much better for the better students. However, I was struggling with it as I did not have enough on one of the...
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    Dual State Ranker Tutoring: English Adv (98), Extension 1 (50), Extension 2 (48)

    Anya marked my common module essay. Very comprehensive feedback and explains why she made each change. I can already tell my essay is much better! Highly recommended
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    Good tutoring places in Burwood

    What Subjects? Dr Du is great, bit pricey though
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    New Syllabus Questions

    Where is everyone getting questions from for the modules (other than equilibrium, even for equilibrium like more questions regarding Keq Ksp etc..) Thanks
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    UCAT entry levels?

    Dear Everyone, I've been practicing for the UCAT and it has been pretty tough so far. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what the Unis will probs be asking for in terms of entry into medicine dentistry etc (UNSW, UWS, Adelaide etc). I cannot find any information regarding this...
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    Any Investment Bankers Here?

    Dear Everyone, I've been looking everywhere because I wanted to have a chat with an investment banker, if you don't mind getting a little personal (how long you spend with your family, pay etc). If you know someone or you are one - preferably first or second year please PM me, I just have a...
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    HSC Exam for texts and human experiences

    I know no one knows for sure but the general consensus says that there is no related text in Paper 1 for the HSC?? What are your teachers saying?
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    New Syllabus uses questions from the VCE

    Would be quite useful. I do know that the new syllabus for Chem is very similar to the VCE in terms of KSP KEQ etc.
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    help me please urgent

    Try Google Forms, its really easy to create, use and link to other people. It also makes graphs itself.
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    What are your predictions for the long response question if there is one? Btw what option are you guys doing
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    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    Someone upload the paper pleaseeeeee
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    Scaling Hahhahah
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    Terry Lee retired; this year was his last class!
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    I don't know... Examining how HSC exams are going this year, I would say brace for a pretty tough exam to be honest.
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    Did you see the paper? I'm interested to see it
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    How are you studying for the exam?

    Hey dude, I don't actually know. Last year the exam was not too difficult so they marked very harshly, in general I think 2017 would not give you an accurate scaling prediction. On the other hand, 2016 was pretty difficult so scaling was a little bit better. Anyways just do your best and good...
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    How are you studying for the exam?

    Definitely impressive dude! You aiming for a state rank?
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    Line of best fit

    To be honest, I have seen both. I usually stop at x-coordinates though to be on the safe side but I have only seen in one instance in a trial paper it had the marking guidlines as would loose a mark for not extrapolating line of best fit. I'm sure the question had mentioned it though or...
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    HSC Physics 2018 Marathon

    Since the question only mentions unwanted heat production and you mentioned ohmic heating and superconducting to overcome it, I think that is fine since question does not address efficiency. Keep asking questions guys