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    BOS CSU Students 08

    Nice, i live in Junee so it's not as massive if i don't get accom. Any bretheren hitting up the non-catered cottages? i went on a tour today, starting to keen up.
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    BOS CSU Students 08

    Im doing Animation, at Wagga. Tossing up whether to stay on campus or not.
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    Why wasn't software included in UAI calculations?

    I completed 12 units in my HSC, with my lowest mark in both assessment & exam been Biology. So shouldn't it have been the subject to drop off from UAI calculations? The mailed marks i recieved today dropped of Software Design & Development, even though it was a clear winner by 4 marks over...
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    Multiple Choice

    Yeah, i was tossing up between B & C on 5...i knew the inquisitorial system was a feature, but thats about as far as my knowledge went ;) Im pretty certain 12 was B, i looked over natural law this morning... Same with 15, i couldnt pick A & C...and D now i look back on it!
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    legal studies

    Yeah i dug it. Especially crime ;) Section III was better last year i think, more specific. They went the whole 'vague' direction that seems to be the rage with exams this year...
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    Multiple Choice

    Twas easy, saying that i reckon i got like 10/15 1) D 2) B 3) B 4) A 5) B 6) D 7) A 8) C 9) C 10) B 11) C 12) B 13) A 14) A 15) A
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    Actual Error in Question 23 Algorith

    Perhaps it didn't directly affect the question, but theres doubt it indirectly influenced answers. Like you guys, i probably spent a good 10 minutes looking at that algorithm. Looking back i wouldn't hesistate to say it probably cost me a couple of marks in later sections. IMO, if an...
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    Actual Error in Question 23 Algorith

    I was wondering what the hell was up with that. So what happens now? is that question annulled? I think its safe to say it would have influenced a lot of peoples answers...
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    Exam Thoughts

    15 multiple (which they designate a whole fucking half hour to) Short answer: 60 marks Then the option topic, which is 25 worth of short answer I thought it was easy, way easier than previous papers anyway. I did minimal study though, i think i would have gotten like 70's... The...
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    General Thoughts - General Mathematics

    I fucked it pretty bad, i was actually prepared for it as well! I did the 06 paper yesterday and got 90%, so i went in pretty confident to pwn some arse but it didnt work out... I ran out of time by like 20 minutes and ended up not attempting like 10 marks, i would have completely fucked...
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    QUESTION 25?? what was that?

    I wrote the odds of not picking a heart in a regular 52 deck of cards... Thats easily the most generically maths answer so far ;) One of my mates wrote 'the odds of me picking A in multiple choice question 3' Needless to say, he failed dismally ;)
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    Student Number and Centre Number

    Honestly it doesnt matter, the supervisors wont stop you putting your details on the paper after the exam finishes...
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    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    I did Inner Journeys! The question was totally arse fucked for it as well. BOS can nibble on my ballsack. Section II was pretty generic, great for a pre-prepared response! Scooore. Lucky it was though, i would have walked out if they asked for a speech or something. Even though III was...
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    Pokemon Team.

    Sorry guys, couldn't help myself... Rock-on pokemon!!! That rhymes and you know it rhymes...
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    Pokemon Team.

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    SDD teacher

    You haven't done anything wrong, your just the only guy in the universe that does SDD. Im doing it by correspondence, which is 1000000x worse because its impossible to get motivated to do it because it is death. Im also failing, but im of the oppinion a dedicated student could learn the...
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    Favourite PC games

    Al Qadims: The Genies Curse! Its a Dungeons and Dragons game from 93-94?, though probably not the greatest game technically, it holds a lot of sentimental was so kickarse as a 4 year old! F.E.A.R's only ok IMO, i mean it's quite the treat at night with surround sound, and the...
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    The Drinking Thread!!!!

    Coronnas and lemon - just reads class
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    Please Help!!

    Anyone have any past prelim papers?
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    prelim past papers!!

    Yeah, bring on prelim past papers!