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    Maths Ext 1 - General thoughts on the exam

    Wat did every1 get for the simple harmonic question.. i got x=18cos(2pi/5t) ??? but i wasnt sure???
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    2006 HSC Mathematics Solutions

    Question 4a ii and iii are wrong.. use cosine rule instead... answer for bd should have been the square root of 27
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    monthly repayments

    how many monthly repayments did u get???
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    Part B Question Paper

    do u have a copy of the multiple choice???
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    Want to compare multiple-choice answers?

    does anyone have a copy of the mulitple choice they could post here???
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    question 9

    thing is didnt d say it was an AC current whereas b and c said was DC?.. would this produce an ac current since there are no brushes???
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    Distance between the rods??? It changes!

    what answer did u get??? because i recon both ways are correct...
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    Distance between the rods??? It changes!

    i got 2.5cm... (were u suppose to go from the gradient aye??? cos i didnt) i used a point that fitted on my line of best fit... i found the weight force in newtons wen the current was 0 and wen the current was 20 amps in the lower rod... i then subtracted them to give the force of attraction...
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    Multiple Choice

    Can any scan the multiple choice sheet and leave it as an attachment on here???
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    Length contraction???

    Did anyone get an answer around 0.3m???
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    Questions i didnt know

    part a) lenz's law..flux threading through copper creates a magnetic feild that oposses the field that created it... repulsion force slows it down... conservation of energy..etc part b) as temperature cools lattice vibrations reduced... greater currents can be produced therefore greater...
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    question 16 ?

    I had no idea with this question aye.. so i jus wrote the Ep formula down.. might gain a mark for identifying the right formula... ohh and isnt ur answer above being in KJ to small considering it took 1.sumthin MJ to move it just 10000km???
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    Physics Skills Section

    Hey just wondering if anyone has a summary of the important terms/ideas in the physics skills section of the syllabus!
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    Hey... do you know all the speeches or do you just have a select few you can recall for the exam.. because i've noticed that in two instances they have asked to talk about a particular speech! wb
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    Section 2: Creative Writting

    Hey all.. just wondering whether i should have a story ready for the exam?? what are the chances do you recon of gettin another form such as a Letter, Speech or Interview???