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    what radioisotopes are you going to use?

    thanx alot
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    what radioisotopes are you going to use?

    what type of radiation (a, b, g) does I-123 emmit?
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    water stuff

    hard water has Mg and Ca ions in it. u can use the lathering of soap to test for them=> more ions, less lathering
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    Origins of halons and CFCs

    u need to know haloalkanes: Syllabus: -identify the origions of CFC's and halons in the atmosphere -identify and name examples (of isomers excluding geometrical and optical) of haloalkanes up to 8 carbon atoms
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    question thats going 2 be in the test

    they did in bio, this year is the 50th annervisary of when watson, crick, frankiln, and wlikins discovered the structure of dna, it was worth 10 marks all up i think
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    question thats going 2 be in the test

    i got a feeling a question like 'disscuss the advantages and dissadvantages of using ethanol as a fuel' will be in there due to all the comotion about it in the press in the last 6 or so months.
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    Results for this practical

    i thought it was basic solutions which AlO corrods??? correct me if im wrong
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    Did I just sit a Bio exam?

    yep, this exam was too much like an english exam. hardly any knowledge needed and lotsa blabbering was about it.
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    The 2003 HSC exam - The mod's opinion

    yeah i kinda expected a question about watson, crick, wilkins, and franklin because of the 50 th anervisary
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    Q 31. Biotechnology option

    just wonderin what answers people got for this section, in particular 31 e)
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    List of HSC markers

    i have a few teachers at my skool who r markers, they have a number at the front of their desk of the center number form their skool so they dont get any of their own students, as for other ppl they know im not sure
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    Annuity formulas

    im just wonderin cos i always get confused, is there any way to remember when to use the different formulas?
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    truman show

    um the movie 'wag the dog' relates good as it is about how a group of people from the government create a war on tv to cover up the presidents sex scandel before the election.
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    HSC - The BIG Question

    i think it might have something to do with GM foods cos it has been in the paper a fair bit in the last year??