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    Top of UTS!

    you cant get lost up there cause its tiny. unlike lvl 2 which is a series of passege ways and what not. lol
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    Dean's List

    By getting on this list what does entitle you to? aparart from braging rights and a good thing on your CV ? thnx in advanced
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    B. Engineering/ B. Medical Science

    i say your chances are good. as i know people with uais of about ~75 in my course. which 85 was the cut off. though your chances would be even better if you actually got 85+ =)
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    Study Routine?

    For all the engo students, whats your study routine like? i mean after each day do you go home and look over the the text? in maths do you do more problems at home? how long do you study/review a day? do you guys have time to work aswell as study? yeah you get what im asking.
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    library quiz

    Um the library quiz is in the UTS online under Eng Com right? anyways. you can re-take the test again and again. so even if you get 1/20 the first go, then just write down the correct answer and take it again and BAM you get 20/20 and wasting your time = like 2mins so just do it again.
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    Are lectures really necessary?

    im in this lec. eng comm?
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    Shocked !!!! What The Hell

    by the sound of her tone, it just sounds like shes pissed off. wouldnt you be? give her a break guys.
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    Shocked !!!! What The Hell

    which diagnostic test did you do? i havnt even got an email yet? i hate this suspense
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    diagnostic test results

    well i found it really easy. and found no 3u work in maths at all. and english was too ambiguous i reckon. but all is done.
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    First Year Drop Out Rate

    just wondering what the figures are? thnx
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    diagnostic test results

    theres different versions. so you might not get the same test as the one i did [friday] but Math Year 10. stuff. like factorising. and being able to read, yes read an equation. Phys. General science. and maths English. what a fucking joke. but comprehension [easy]
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    theres a waiting period from the time you pick/allocate times to your subjects. to actually getting allocated to them so just be patient, and you'll get allocated soon.
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    Uni Timetable???

    ooo that sucks, um wait until monday and if theres still spots avilable, you can change it around. good luck
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    Orientation tomorrow...whos goin?

    i think im going. is it really worth going to?
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    DIFFERENT timetable question

    yeah im gonna type it up more neatly. just wanted to know before i wasted my time =] thnx
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    DIFFERENT timetable question

    yeah i know all that. but does UTS hand out a HardCopy? like one apart from the one available on the webstie. is what im asking =)
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    DIFFERENT timetable question

    hey guys. when we do our subject allocations yada yada. and when they close, do we actually get a timetable handed to us with rooms and shit. or do have to decipher it for ourself off the website? ThnQ
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    What is all this stuff im signed up to go to? UTS does a lot for first yrs...>.>

    what if you can't make it? ie. your on camp. damn. that was the only thing i was really going to.
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    Advantage Program

    whats the $75 of vouchers thing? ie. where can they be used? lol Edit: that SMH teriary card sounds good!
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    Advantage Program

    worth it? etc. when does the early bird offer end? Thnx