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    -2x/(x^2+1) Let u=-2x u'=-2 v=(x^2+1) v'=2x Formula= y'=(vu'-uv')/v^2 Hence y'=[(x^2+1)*(-2)-(-2x)(2x)]/(x^2+1)^2 y'=-2x^2-2+4x^2/(x^2+1)^2 y'=2(x^2-1)/(x^2+1)^2 :smile:
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    Carrotsticks' 2014 Extension 1 HSC Solutions

    For MC q7, why cant B be the answer?
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    clone or not????

    I dont think it was clone. Because of random assortment, independant segregation, and crossing could occur during the process.
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    Notes- All cores and communication.

    Love how i find good notes after my bio exam.
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    2U paper

    I dont think you will, its still the same answer.
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    b6 cutoff?

    MC-9/10 Q11-15/15 Q12-13/15 Q13-15/15 Q14-13/15 Q15-11/15 Q16- 9/15 All up i think i got roughly around 85ish. But im coming 6th in my school. Will this affect my mark?
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    Aeronautical engineering/Aeronautical(Space) Engineering roll call

    hey i ant to do this cause and im in year 10 currently but i dont want to do aero(space) because the atar is way to high but im hoping i will get into aeronautical but people are telling that they are not many jobs in this field bbut i dont know if i should do it or not