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    General Thoughts: Modern History 2008 HSC Exam

    Re: Howd you find it? I bullshitted so much. but overall, I found it better than I expected.
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    noninfectious disease?

    I did Scurvy too. !! That question gave me confidence for all the other crappy ones. :P
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    Thesis on genre

    Oh great. Thanks heaps, that clears it up.
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    What's everyone doing to celebrate?

    I'm interested to hear peoples' plans for when the HSC is over. Schoolies? Holiday? Bum around? Job? Share your thoughts. [I'm so excited I have one exam left]
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    strictly ONE related text?

    I interpret this as you can do one and maybe use a second to help your argument. That's what I did anyhow and I ended up using two. How many did you use?
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    Thesis on genre

    hey, so I'm doing revenge tragedy and I am really stuck on how to write a thesis on genre. All I've got so far is something like "Genre is flexible" how can I extend this to make it more sophisticated? Please help!