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    Anyone gotten an atar of 99+ without tutoring?

    I got 99.90 this year and didn't have any tutoring~ and I came 5th in state for Biology
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    13 units for HSC?

    I don’t think its a problem if you are determined to get a good atar. Im doing 14 units and I think the key is time management. Besides 4u maths are all maths, when you are studying for 4u, 3u becomes easier to you, not to mention physics and chemistry. You can always drop at anytime if you...
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    Non-existant circle property that should be true

    In other words, for chords the angle they substend must be in the same segment, which is covered by the reference "angles substeded by the same chord in the same segment is equal" already.
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    How to excel in senior year studies (yr 11/12)-99+ ATAR graduate

    Re: Advice from a graduated HSC student on how to excel in senior year studies(yr 11/ Mei, thanks for your info! I was wondering if you can elaborate more on how to write notes for the sciences. Like when, how much time u put in it, the format etc? I seriously need some help with notes, since...