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    where to live

    hey ppl just wanted some advice on where to live next year when i come to uow i wanna stay on campus in my 1st year to meet ppl coz i dont know anyone in the gong im probably deciding out of campus east, international house and weerona so any info on these would be great - just ppls opinions...
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    where to live?????

    Going to usyd next year just wanted ppls advice/opinions on where to stay im not from syd so i dont know anyone really so i was thinking staying on campus would be cool and at least id meet ppl the colleges look very boarding schoolish and rather i dunno snobbish and restrictive which...
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    TOP 5's

    top 5 hangover foods * toasted cheese sandwhich with BBQ sauce * corn chips - with lots and lots of flavouring, salsa if you could be bothered and even melted cheese * potato salad - somehow eating something remotely healthy makes you feel better * mcdonalds hash browns * cold pizza
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    JJJ Hottest 100

    yeah jet are basically a cover band but still they sound good - mindless rock - and considering most ppl even jjj listeners are essentially mindless than its not surprising they are at the top spot there are heaps more musically and lyrically talented bands than jet out there and i agree the...
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    The Bell Jar

    i dont think you can say plath was an "absolute loony" - its convenient for society to label people with a mental illness as lunatics or crazy but really there is a lot more to it than that. i also did hughes for the truth unit and absolutely loved it. sylvia was not just a crackpot but a...
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    03'ers.. how far off was SAM for your UAI

    - 0.15 our year is so much smarter than 01 + 02 !!!!!!!! SAM is so cool u 04 ppl r spoilt
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    shit so many ppl got band 6 - nice i was happy with my 88 but shit i crammed a helleva lot
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    Golden Oldies of '03

    i got 91 which i was ok with coz i stuffed up ww1 and im just glad i got band 6 for my fav subject
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    2003 HSC marks?

    i did rftg and got 48 for the exam hsc mark was 47 i was fucking ecstatic and my teacher was totally shocked ( but proud ) i hadnt managed to get anything ova 40 all year so i was pretty happy
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    Who wants to do communications at UTS?

    hey ash is there anyway you can get into communications courses at UTS if you missed out by a couple of marks
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    contemporary books

    tim winton - cloudstreet and dirt music are fantastic
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    advice plz?

    the distance is a bit much - well have a cry why dont you!!!!! think of the rural students who have to travel like 6 hours to go to uni - think of the cost and the sacrifices they have to make wollongong is a whole 2hrs or something away from sydney - shit thats gonna ruin your day and...
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    Regional bonus scheme

    basically i think in my area its anywhere west of lithgow like bathurst dubbo wagga etc im not sure for the costal areas probably the small population centres
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    a little help...

    i dont reckon it will change jizmeister im thinkin of that course as well do you have any info on it?
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    usyd Arts students - advice pleze

    how hard is it to get distinction averages for first year? i need that to be able to transfer to ba media and communications would i have to study my arse off all year? would it be worth it - i really wanna do that course but it would take me like 5 yrs if i did it that way and im not...
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    please explain???

    ok here is one for you to work out laz i got a hsc mark for pe as 88 when i was ranked 2nd first place got 85 ok so far plausible i beat the first place person in the actual exam i cant remember exactly what they got but the point is they should have got my exam mark for their moderated...
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    Class of '03 target UAI's

    i was hoping for over 90 so when i got 95 i was pretty 'stoked'
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    i need help badly!!!*cries*

    hey i say perhaps consider changing your topic - i changed mine like three times and eventually i found a topic which was hard to research but i found it really rewarding because it was so interesting - when i actually found historians it was so worth the wait you will definately have enough...
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    Info advice about melbourne uni's

    hi firstly i applied for both nsw and victorian courses - is this allowed and do i only get one offer or one from both UAC and VTAC also i think i will change my preferences for VTAC but im not sure exactly about the quality of certain uni's is melbourne uni the equivalent of UNSW or Usyd...
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    BA Media Arts and Communication?

    yeah you should be right - and im so jealous i really wanna do that course but i only got 95.3 congrats hollie