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    Boost Juice Bars

    another thing with working there,,,,,, be prepared to listen to crappy music all day ....dancing may also be required, my friend worked there and had to "dance", wasnt pretty..... :-)
  2. M it? loath it?

    hey.......anyone else seen elizabethtown? I saw it last week.... and after hearing mixed reviews i really enjoyed it..although im not a big fan of kirsten dunst but she didnt annoy the total crap out of me.....i found it really funny and i think it had a really nice feel to it...... what did u...
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    HSC examiners getting you down?

    hehe lucky you... u live in narellan? i live in mt annan... what school u go to?
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    Rumoured Strokes concert @ end of November!

    hey.. read an article in the sunday paper that told of the strokes saying they were having a small pub concert @ the annandale hotel in the last week of November 05! anyone else heard anything about it? had a look on annandale hotel website and there was no mention??! nothing on the strokes...
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    HSC examiners getting you down?

    hey..!.. CAFS exam went ok...was a bit stumped on the question about 2 issues rising from 1 groups needs and the expectations of the community.....i just blabbed on about youth or something! .. I'm still without 85% of feeling in my right arm but the thing that annoyed me the most...
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    Hottest Man in Tennis

    Go Nadal! Love him....too hot.... Safin's ok, but i can't admit,,, my friend and i have this rivalry thing going with Nadal and Safin... Wow it's so good to see fellow tennis lovers...... Ugliest player: Lleyton Hewitt's dirt Federer has a weird nose but still love him ohhh Marausmo...
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    Most over rated movie

    I'm going out on a limb here to say Finding Nemo... crappiest and most overrated kids film ever.....Go Toy Story and Monster's Inc! Please don't attack me finding nemo fanatics!