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    anyone from newtown of performing arts!!!

    my little brother is transferring to newtown next year and will be going into year 11. He's planning on doing maths ext 1 and he said there would be a test on his abilities prior to getting into the actual class. He's freaking out, but he honestly shouldn't because he's pretty good at maths, but...
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    Any year 10 practice maths exams? :)

    Thanks a bunch! Do you know where i can find any past papers from fort st?
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    Any year 10 practice maths exams? :)

    Hi! I was wondering where i can locate any past half yearly/ yearly maths tests from year 10 from top selective schools, or if any of you guys have any! It would be preferable if they were from notable schools such as Fort Street (specifically), NSB, Sydney Tech, st george (specifically) etc...
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    Fort st entrance exams! again...

    Hi guys! Just wondering, say if you did really well in the english part of the entrance exam. But just pass the maths exam. Would it be likely that you'd be considered to have an interview? Thanks :)
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    fort st maths exams!

    It'll be a comprehension, and maybe a 'short' response ( by 'short' i mean you could probably write heaps ). There might be a picture analysis as well :)
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    fort st maths exams!

    I'm currently in year 10, and plan on applying for Fort St high school. This year, we have to sit in an english and maths exam. I think i'm fairly confident for the english part - but not the maths. I attend a partially selective school, and i'm in the selective part. The results i've received...
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    Fort st entrance exams?

    I'm currently in year 10, and i plan on taking the entrance exams for year 11 for fort st. I've applied every year since year 7, but have only ever made it onto the reserve list and nothing more. I was wondering if anyone whose taken the entrance exam at fort st, could give me some pointers...