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    Time Off After HSC

    yeah i finished HSC at the end of last yr [06' candidate] um now im waiting for tafe to start [july 18th] so i've done nothing but work till now
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    Time Off After HSC

    darn lol im already lazy to the max
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    Time Off After HSC

    Hey was just wondering how many people took some time off after their hsc, as a break and then went back to study? If you did, how did it feel to get back into study. Did you become lazy and was it hard to get into it again? or was it good? thanks
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    From Tafe To Uni

    oh thats okay i dont mind. im not in a rush or anything the only thing that scares me is the fact that i didnt do anything for 8 months. like once school finished i didnt do shnit till now, so im affraid of being lazy and not taking it seriously or not studying etc etc
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    From Tafe To Uni

    ill be going to Loftus uhmm so if i do cert 3 and 4 - will that help me with uni like will it prepare me for uni or even take off a yr of b. of applied science [sports and exercises] ?
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    From Tafe To Uni

    wow thanks alot mate so tafe is aye? is it hard stuff. the fitness cert
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    From Tafe To Uni

    ahh okay but ill be able to transfer yeah
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    From Tafe To Uni

    Hey people. i know there were threads like these already made, but ill make another one hehe. Im just curious and worried because i really want to get into Uni. I didnt get in with my Uai but im going to start Tafe soon [this month] and i was wondering whether i could transfer from Fitness...
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    Section 2 - Crime

    i think i did okay for the first 3 questions in crime for the intern. i wrote crimes committed outside jurisdiction and transnational crimes. i described them and gave examples eg. hijack, drug trafficking the sentencing process i talked about prosection, evidence, defence lawyer and victim...
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    How many pages ?

    lol wtfucks wrong with u's lol if u are writing that much i dont care what u say but its either spaced out, big writing or ramble i wrote 7 pages for both report and 28
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    Wtf Are Nomads!

    OMG THANK U FINNALLY SOME ONE LIKE ME SAYING WTF ARE NOMADS honestyl that has got nothing to do with journeys[well it does but u know what i mean] like the question wasnt a good one it was too general and everyone couldve answered it if they knew what it meant thats what pissed me off the...
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    For People Who Did Bad!!!

    think about it .......F++++++++++++++++++ english ++++++++My Place +++++NOMADS And everythng
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    annual leave loading?

    are you mono ..... as in Johno ... with one eyebrow
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    Hey for my trials i did really bad in maths. I am that type of person who does poorly in the exams even though i do general maths. The reason why i did so bad was beause they tested me on my weakest topic and yeah it was hard exam . I got 49% and i was wondering whether its possible to get...
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    Hours of Study During Stuvac

    well im hoping around 6 to 7 hours a day, yet knowing my study history ill be lucky to squeeze 1 hour a day. Any ways how long is stuvac. My school is only Monday- friday [english paper 1 day] isnt it meant to be longer?
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    Anyone else screwed?

    sorry to post again but unique princess who is in ur sig .... i wanted to ask u that a while ago
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    Do you think you are screwed in the HSC?

    wow are you up to the end of ya life lol im still standing looking into the "undergrowth" wondering if there is someone that would killl me there lol
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    Anyone else screwed?

    thank god im not the only one .. i gave up the other day cause i felt down but the next day i got some sense back into my brain and i am motivated again. but only a bit. i cant study long either. i go for 40 mins then i think about what i studied and i just get blanks cause i was day dreaming...
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    Getting in a patternt of studying

    Im also a night guy. I cant wake up early, let alone study. I can go late in the night but im not sure if it gets in my head. For my trials i didnt sleep... and i found myself drinking 2-3 redbulls in one day.. i advise this to all though..not a good idea
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    Essay Help

    My teacher keeps telling me that my problem is in the morality and ethics part. and the fact that i dont bring in enought acts and cases. AND MEDIA