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  1. cassiecocaine

    Is it true uni is more relaxing than HSC year?

    I think uni is less relaxing than hsc year do a few reasons. One, is the idea of 'bludging' a few periods in a week in year 12. For me, it was always ancient history. It was a very fun class, but there's not really a 'fun' or 'bludging' class in uni. There are classes I enjoy, but for...
  2. cassiecocaine


    I feel quite sorry for what their lives have become... But there's hope for them yet :)
  3. cassiecocaine

    How do you slef-motivate yourself when everyone around you is bludging?

    I had the superiority complex goin' on. Think about where you'll be next year (uni, studying nanotechnology), and they'll be sitting at home watching reruns of Seinfeld. Then laugh inwardly at them because YOU ARE BETTER. :angel:
  4. cassiecocaine

    Whats the thing you'll miss most next year?

    Agree. I miss having friends that all knew eachother; at uni, trying to hang out with different people from different groups and making them all get along is just exhausting, not much fun at all.
  5. cassiecocaine

    2010 official "funny quirks of my day" thread.

    My drama tutor continues to tell us that "theatre is an empire built on sand and bullshit" :)
  6. cassiecocaine

    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    holidays next month everyone! :) i'm making the most of them hahaha...
  7. cassiecocaine

    Theatre Thread!

    Where's Godot playing at?
  8. cassiecocaine

    The Woolworths Thread

    Good thanks! I worked 9 hours today ): Hahaha
  9. cassiecocaine

    First Job Tuesday..Nervous

    Good luck :) Just listen really carefully to instructions you are given, haha.
  10. cassiecocaine

    the people who live around us are povos :(

    Which ones? *doesn't know the area well*
  11. cassiecocaine

    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    I wish i had this. At home, mostly hahaha
  12. cassiecocaine

    The Woolworths Thread

    Just found this thread, I've been @ Woolies for nearly... 2 years now? :)
  13. cassiecocaine

    Assessment Overload

    Rofl, how much more do you appreciate weekends hey :D As soon as I get this essay done and handed in, I am getting drunk! Haha
  14. cassiecocaine

    the people who live around us are povos :(

    My two cents... catching buses with the "variety" of people of Mayfield is a new concept to me, coming from somewhere like Nelson Bay.
  15. cassiecocaine

    The Ship has sailed, my friends!

    Be nice! :) Taking drama is the best way to make friends IMO haha
  16. cassiecocaine

    First year at uni and hate it!

    stay positive everyoneeee :)
  17. cassiecocaine

    First year at uni and hate it!

    Getting up at 530 three days a week is harder than I thought it would be. So is working two jobs. I think mine is more a case if working out my priorities and moving closet to uni/getting my liscence. There are heaps if people who have it harder than me.
  18. cassiecocaine

    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    +1 OP:THE WAKING HOURS! I haven't had a full night of sleep since Febuary
  19. cassiecocaine

    2010 official "funny quirks of my day" thread.

    Yet I still refuse to wear aeroguard, what is wrong with me? And I would love to eat lunch and listen to some sweet 'tunes :)
  20. cassiecocaine

    Whats 'hot' for you?

    Must of misread it, my apologies.