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  1. ipab

    English is stupid

    I fucking hate english.
  2. ipab

    What have you done in the holidays?

    Did hardly anything and trials start tues :punch:
  3. ipab

    Has anyone gone to American Uni through applying from here?

    Hopefully someone replies soon!!
  4. ipab

    Hamlet Speech- Help :D

    Any ideas on how to structure the speech?
  5. ipab

    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread Haha yeh they don't have George Clooney as their goalkeeper :( But SBS is showing the main games yes ;)
  6. ipab

    Has anyone gone to American Uni through applying from here?

    Hey guys, i'm interested in applying to uni in america and have tried to start the application but do not know what to do in this point in time. So if anyone with past experience could help me out that would be great.
  7. ipab

    North West Rail Link v. Epping to Parramatta Rail Link

    I think North western as sydney is expanding in these areas and the western suburbs need a better way to get to the CBD with cheaper more fuel efficient transport and no traffic jams, it would also raise the value of my house substantially ;). But knowing sydney, if it does happen its not going...
  8. ipab

    Good Headphone brands

    To be honest i've tried beats, audio technica and Sennheisers around the same price range and I ended up choosing beats. But this is mainly because I tend to listen to hip hop music and some rock. Beats shine in these departments and while the beats i've got (beats mixer's) are pretty good even...
  9. ipab

    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread Greece FTW? Haha, how is everybody watching their matches, any good online streaming ones?
  10. ipab

    Hamlet Speech- Help :D

    Any help :(?
  11. ipab

    SDD Major Project Ideas

    Hey, thinking of either doing a simple note taking program or a multipurpose task scheduler. Similar to the ones mentioned on the first page:
  12. ipab

    Hamlet Speech- Help :D

    Hey guys, i'm having to do a speech on Hamlet that is going to be pre-recorded. The question is - "With close reference to the language of TWO soliloquies, analyse its style and structure to show how both contribute to the plays main concerns" I am thinking of doing Hamlets- "To be, or not to...
  13. ipab

    When it all ends...what's everyone thinking of doing for muckup day?

    Sprinkle some laxatives all over railings, cling wrap the toilet seats, fill the quad with paper water cups.
  14. ipab

    Do you listen to music while you study?

    Man, if its just some type of pop music or like not to intensive music I do, but I listen to hip-hop mostly and that distracts me to the days, i start listening to the lyrics and try to analyse them and shii.
  15. ipab

    Wanna start weightlifting to get ripped.

    Maad, thanks man!! Yeh so this will do like whole body right?? Haha Yeye sounds good will start properly tomorrow, do I need a lot of protein or just enough?
  16. ipab

    Wanna start weightlifting to get ripped.

    What I basically need is someone to present me with a routine and if possible a diet??
  17. ipab

    Is it? maths?

    If your gonna be getting less than 75 in 2u and more than 85 in General, I think General is the better choice as it will boost your atar as a whole, but if you need 2U for prerequisites then do 2U.
  18. ipab

    Band 6 in physics

    Farr, my schools been on a band 5 drought for the past 3 years, highest mark 89 three years in a row, that being said my schools only done the hsc 3 times and is a rank ~400 school ;) Meh, if you understand the content you don't need the tutoring or constant study, I only really study for max 3...
  19. ipab

    HSC 2012 Timetable (Sorted By Scaling)

    Isn't classical greek the highest scaling?