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  1. nimssyk

    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    lol i know..i circled it and was tempted to write "securities lol"...but i didnt...MLIA
  2. nimssyk

    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    I cannot actually believe that was the exam. Such a bad exam. The extended responses were just crap. And they practically ignored Fin Mgmt and Global business. What a joke.
  3. nimssyk

    Revenue Statement ???

    Lol ill give it a crack Ok - first of all u should know that a revenue statement is officially called Statement of Financial Performance It shows the businesses operating efficiency. It highlights the Revenue earned, expense incurred over accounting period and therefore if the business has...
  4. nimssyk

    Vertical integration(business)

    Hey.. i just copied this outta my notes..i hope this helps • Vertical Integration is the expansion of a business’s production in different but related areas --> Eg. when a computer assembly company buys the silicon chip making factory --> Vertical integration is the degree to which a...
  5. nimssyk

    financial ratios?

    All im going to say is be very careful about using ideal ratios coz there all bs unless the give u an industry average be careful of commenting on a figure becasue a lot of things quickly change what could be acceptable for a business for example a Business A selling essential goods can take...
  6. nimssyk

    debt to equity

    No Gearing, debt to equity, solvency, leverage are all the same thing differenct textbooks say different things some say Non current liabillities ...some say total liabillities i would specify which one u use in the exam or clarify on the hsc helpline.
  7. nimssyk

    Financial Management Question

    Yeh its D Becasue the Solvency was originally $1.3 of debt to every $1 of equity now its just 50c to $1 --> which means the business has become more solvent. But efficiency wise in 2007 22% of the value of sales was expenses. this has now gone up tp 37% --> which means efficiency has...
  8. nimssyk

    Fiscal Policy Plan/Budget

    I think what is relevant currently that fiscal policy is not just the budget it refers to governemnt economic policy through revenue and spending normally it is just the budget but in 08/09/10 it also refers to the various stimulus packages used by the govt. hope that helps ;)
  9. nimssyk

    modern or eco

    I have to agree...if u want more time drop modern but Economics is ussually more challenging in terms of concepts.
  10. nimssyk

    what is the difference between fiscal policy and mircoeconomic policies

    Fiscal policy is one arm of Macroeconomic policy which is policy that deals with the whole economy, the other is Monetary policy or the manipulation of the Cash rate by the RBA. Macroeconomic policy is mainly to do with management of Aggregate demand. So Fiscal Policy is policy which refers to...
  11. nimssyk

    I screwed eco so

    also from what i understand, ur marks in skool dont mean s*** in the calculation of your UAI its all about rank and ur HSC exam result, so just focus on bettering your rank...and hope ;)
  12. nimssyk

    Awesome video on understanding the credit crisis

    ^^ lol so true. i like this one about sub-prime mortgage crisis: YouTube - SubPrime Mortgage Mess Explained (with voice)
  13. nimssyk

    Australia's trade surpluses?

    well partly because figure take so long to be fianlised...their ussually for a quarter back...when the GFC wasnt as huge as it is now thats what im thinking...coz i agree in relation to a decrease in demand
  14. nimssyk

    Help with 2 questions please!

    Well as for Q1 - The int Business cycle affects growth of developed nations and therefore impacts on demand. With international convergence and ideas like competative advantage, any slowdown in demand somewhere could will the demand for imports - and therefore the possible exports of...
  15. nimssyk

    History Extension topic - Arab Israeli Conflict

    You might have some problems becasue it might overlap with arab-isreali in modern prelim and hsc course... talk to your teacher..they can give you a better idea ... u could try and put your question into a timeframe or in relation to certain events to make it more specific
  16. nimssyk

    Does this sound right to you?

    Guys calculators usually cant tell you accurately what u got. Many cant take into account ur in-school assessment rank or ur schools rank... so therefore estimators are only a guide and usually will be wrong.
  17. nimssyk

    wanna look at my essay plan?

    Hey mate I think the essay plans look really good - straight forward and succinct - U might need some stats (if u didnt know them already) Are you sure that they're the q's or are u just making them up? Coz if you are they dont sound like any questions they would give at m school but i dunno.
  18. nimssyk

    Topics for '09

    Im probably doing Manifest Destiny and Monroe Doctrine and its affect on 20th Century US Foreign Policy
  19. nimssyk

    Is it true the Brazil case study not allowed?

    I havent heard that... I also think my teacher recomended us to do that... (among others)