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    Had to do it - Band 6 anyone?

    Totally agree! I thought they might be mean but they were pretty good actually.. I think i got over 90 raw, hopefully a 95 if i'm lucky!
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    Had to do it - Band 6 anyone?

    What marks do you think align to a band 6? Who thinks they got one?
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    Section IV - Historical Periods

    Augustan Age, the Senate one.. Studied it this morning, so awesome! haha
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    It was great! So much better than I expected, was getting kinda nervous about what the question would be but after reading time I was smiling.
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    Jay Jays

    Anyone work at Jays Jays, Just Jeans, etc??What's it like?How many hours do you do?
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    Good subjects?

    Keep 14 as long as you can or at least 12 or 13, that way you'll have something to fall back on for a good ATAR if you don't get the marks in one or two subjects. See which one you're best at and go from there, maybe drop something after midcourse if you can't handle it, at least do a term. I...
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    Ethical issues in Pompeii

    If you actually read the marking guidelines of the past exams, a question from section 3 of the syllabus (ethics, reconstruction, etc) is ALWAYS question 3 ie 8/10/12 marks
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    What are some examples of archaeologists who worked in Herculaneum?

    Talk about Sara Bisel but criticise her tons:*she gave names like "the soldier" and stuff, made up biographies for people with basically no evidence*she was working for nat geo, ie. had to make stuff interesting -posed with a skull*never published scientific findingsJust basically say...
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    Band 6 subjects

    Well my teachers expect me to get band 6 in the following: Business - 95 to be exact Economics - I told her I would in our first year 11 class Ancient - Enough said :P Maths - well i think she does.. I want one in English too, badly. Only problem is i'm 5th and I don't think those above me...
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    Economics or Legal Studies

    I only know about Economics but everything depends on what marks/ATAR you want. Difficulty - Economics is all basically interrelated. If you are a person who can make connections between parts of the syllabus and stuff then that would help a lot with Eco. Some parts make you think but it's...
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    CSSA Economics 2009

    We did the independant one. Our short answer wasn't changed and we had inflation, unemployment, enviro mgmt and i forget the last one... I got 83/100. Kinda disappointing.. What did everyone else get?
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    Techniques in a news article/essay

    I realise how dumb that question sounded now lol. *runs away*
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    Techniques in a news article/essay

    How can you pull techniques out of a news article?
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    How did you go in your half yearlies?

    Business - 1st - 90% Economics - 1st - 84% English Adv. - top 5? - 80% 2U Maths - 7thish - 87.5% Ext 1 Maths - 3/4 - 70% Ancient - ?? Touism - ??
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    Getting marks back

    Getting marks back is a disappointment... Most of the time anyways...
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    ways of presenting assignments/learning aids

    Run into the room screaming that you have swine flu... It's attention grabbing, PLUS you will let them experience anxiety for themselves :)
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    Subject help for HSC?

    Economics is challenging at times but really good. Business is easy but fun in a way and interesting. Ancient is pretty good, but i've also heard lots of people who love modern. Depends what you like. You can always change or drop stuff anyway (well in the first few weeks)
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    How much sleep do we need?

    It's too hard to fall asleep... I think way too much... The thoughts just keep spinning around and around in my head. It's like a fricken rollercoaster!!
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    What do you feel when you drop a subject?

    I dropped ext english and my teacher (who is awesome and so lovely) was so disappointed in me, looked as if she was going to cry. She always had faith in me and knew i had the potential :( Also dropped ext 2 maths as it was a waste of time and i'm never going to use it. wasn't that bad a...
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    Over year 12 already?

    I totally hit a brick wall about week 7 term 4... only just started rippping through lol.