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    Who else thinks girls are crap?

    I have ALOT of respect for you good lady and for what you are doing You will not regret it :)
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    Who else thinks girls are alright

    sorry man i think you are disgusting why cant you just treat ladies as they should be treated? just be kind and loving instead of harsh and you will see how infinitely better it is to have a legitimate loving and caring relationship with a girl without feeling like you have to use her guys like...
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    Writing Faster - TIPS

    Look, whatever you dudes may say, I found an epic way to be getting consistent 40+ pages in 2 hour exams. Writing quickly is a skill that most people refuse to acknowledge but it is so incredibly helpful - got me a sweet ranking in english :P Anyway, so pretty much, the first thing you have...
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    hey dlos

    hey dlos
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    Woooooooooooh thomas

    Woooooooooooh thomas
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    after exams, im just trying to crash..... btw, who is ionymou?

    after exams, im just trying to crash..... btw, who is ionymou?
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    Alternative ways to get into law?

    I went to a uni presentation at my school a couple of weeks ago and was chatting to the UNSW rep there for law for a while im like you and could never get the raw marks for law, but can still get pretty good marks (94+) so im like hey, is there any other way of getting in and shes like transfer...
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    transfer into unsw law

    Hey dude, I went to a uni night at my school a couple of weeks ago and enquired about comb law to get in, if you get a UAI or 97+ then you take the first year of the combined part of the course (for me international studies) and if you average 70 (credit i think), you are assured a place for...
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    Which Selective School?

    My lord are you that ignorant? How would you have any idea how a public school fares against a private school competition that can afford to pump 2 mil into each sport every year? We came third in basketball this year, smoke volleyball every single year soccer, is okay -- mid level while sure...
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    tooo true mr johnny

    tooo true mr johnny
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    Unconventionally Attractive Celebrities

    Zooey Deschanel She is beautiful
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    Which Selective School?

    For real dude, i started going to Sydney Boys (selective) in year 10. dude, the place has changed my life if you have never been, you speak out of mere ignorace also, try for sydney boys we are public school with public school fees that play private school sport against the rich schools i.e...
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    What games do you plan to finish these holidays???

    Dudes, definitely Majoras Mask for the 64
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    For the guys!

    To be honest, I would only ever go out with a girl I love, Even if she was 'flawed'. Honestly, i've found most that aren't are materialistic But, then again, there are a few who aren't I spose its all down to what you want I only want to love a girl not sex, but to give her everything she...
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    how long can you last without sex, masturbation & porn?

    My best is 150+ Right now I got about 50ish and going strong Thats for all forms i.i porn, mastur
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    help! i burnt out

    You're a gooba mate. And what you're saying isn't helpful to anyone.
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    help! i burnt out

    We have this at my school, but instead it is "Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail". I know what your'e going through with the whole sleep deprivation and motivation thing and its tough. No-one is going to tell you otherwise or lie about that to you. But, like most of the people here are...
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    wooooooooooooh tim siu HIGH FTW

    wooooooooooooh tim siu HIGH FTW
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    Should pre-marital sex be illegal?

    I'm pretty hardcore religious, and I am definitely against it. However, most religious people know that the 'cultural phenomenon' is so far engrained into society that it truly would mess up the world to retract it. I wish that our world was not the way that it is, but I'm realistic enough to...