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    Can you smoke in lectures?

    This is a troll post right?
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    Embarrassing moment at uni

    Turning up an hour a late to a tutorial cause I thought it started at 3pm not 2pm...
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    Can we eat during lectures?

    Just avoid anything smelly, snacks are ok but pulling out a subway footlong is prob not the best thing to do
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    Clubbing Mid-Week

    ^ UNSUCCESSFUL TROLL IS UNSUCCESSFUL. This is for the wednesday night after Big Day Out, I imagine something could be open for it...
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    Early January Round Offers

    Haha I left UWS because it was so shit, full of Penrith lads, got an early offer for MQ :-)
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    The Big Bang Theory

    Jim Parsons is a comic genius. Did anyone see the logies? Johnny Galecki (Leonard) was there
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    Muslims not welcome to buy Hanson's home

    Lol there was a story somewhere ( has it I think) saying that Hanson did a DNA ancestry test and she found out she has middle eastern blood..
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    Whoever did the Autumn Session timetable for Communications is stupid

    My boyfriend and I are looking for share housing, and he's not a student so on campus living is out of the question anyway. we've actually been looking for somewhere to live since feburary, but I have no rental record, so that's been a right pain in the ass, so we've been staying at his aunt's...
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    Formal Thread (pics, websites, ideas, thoughts)

    Although I had my formal almost 2 years ago, here is how I scrubbed up... Formal by ~MissKuzara on deviantART Formal 2 by ~MissKuzara on deviantART
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    The best and the worst mascaras

    I bought it the other day, it works like a dream, it is amazing
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    Islamics: Sex fuels earthquakes

    I sure did get mine out lol
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    Premier League Poll- Favourite Team

    People actually support Liverpool? hahaha
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    Should Australia Host a Football (Soccer) World Cup in the Next 12 Years?

    Who cares if it disrupts the NRL and AFL seasons... oh wait the bogans do. I'm 1000% for a FIFA world cup here, and at last look, Australia was ranked 19th in the world.
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    Whoever did the Autumn Session timetable for Communications is stupid

    and what does that have to do with my shitty living situation
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    Islamics: Sex fuels earthquakes

    Some chick on the radio was saying it was girls who show too much cleavage caused earthquakes... So what do the Yanks do? Have a national "get your boobs out to prove the muslims wrong" day. lol.
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    Late school fee

    Thank god for HECS :-)
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    Whoever did the Autumn Session timetable for Communications is stupid

    I've been trying to move to syd but I have no rental record so I have no chance of renting a place, I can't afford on campus living, I didn't go to Newey cause I haven't heard a single good thing about their comm. course (plus Newey is a hole and is boring)