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  1. Nanasaurus

    How many people are in your class?

    math- maybe 25 englishAD- 20-ish englishEX1- 1 englishEX2-1 art- 12 SOR- 20-ish Soc & C- 20-ish don't have exact numbers for the bigger ones, obviously. but I definitely think smaller is better. a class of about 10 is really good.
  2. Nanasaurus

    Unconventionally Attractive Celebrities

    william beckett gemma ward tomo milcevic mikey way ryan ross could think of more, but I can't really be bothered. it's like, 40 degrees. brain has melted. I'll get back to you =)
  3. Nanasaurus

    When do the hsc results come out

    summaries accessible on the 16th of december via internet, phone & sms, but full results mailed on the 18th.
  4. Nanasaurus

    Your top 3.

    Books: 1) Is a tie between two Melina Marchetta books- Saving Francesca and On The Jellicoe Road 2) Scar Tissue- Anthony Kiedis 3) Misery- Stephen King Genres: 1) I have a thing for biographies and autobiographies. For example, My Place by Sally Morgan, My Booky Wook by Russell Brand, and...
  5. Nanasaurus

    What do you like and hate about your body?

    my face is alright, I spose. I'm not horribly disfigured and I don't sport a Penelope nose, so that's something. =P I've been told I have nice eyes and hands, too. Oh, and I like my teeth. yay for just getting braces off! I hate most of my body. I feel quite out of proportion, since I'm...
  6. Nanasaurus

    Forbidden love

    ok, i'm the last person to say something's right or wrong or whatever purely because 'the law says so', because the justice system is fallible and moral and ethical decisions need to be made respective of each scenario. HOWEVER laws against this sort of thing exist for a very wide...
  7. Nanasaurus

    Who's nervous about HSC?

    i'm pretty sure about 95% of students would answer yes to that question...
  8. Nanasaurus

    I like to party

    ...good for you. were you seriously just looking for something to say as your first post?
  9. Nanasaurus

    facebook/myspace status

    uuuurgh. people put WAY too much emphasis on those things. hence why i always click the 'do not display' box or equivalent.
  10. Nanasaurus

    Your First Ever Crush - Where Are They Now?

    bahahaha mine now lives next door to me. it was weird when we first moved... i've seen him in a dress since, all the romance died. \o/
  11. Nanasaurus

    welcome to BoS!

    welcome to BoS!
  12. Nanasaurus

    What's your sexuality.

    bi. but a girl has to be pretty special before i go there. only because relationships with girls are so dramatic. girls are bitchy.
  13. Nanasaurus

    What do you look for in the opposite sex?

    physical: arms, eyes, smile. personality: kind, caring, gentle, respectful... you know. alla that. someone who isnt afraid to show affection, but also appreciates the fact that PDAs are gross. think about that properly- it's not necessarily a contradiction. know what I mean? pretty sure i...
  14. Nanasaurus

    embracing the pale

    uuuurgh a friend and i went to the river yesterday bitching about how white we were and now we're lobster red. i miss my pasty whiteness... :( HOLD ONTO WHAT YOU HAVE!
  15. Nanasaurus

    So... Does Yr 11 Really Matter?

    first day of year twelve our whole year was sat down and told "right. everything you've done up until now was useless." does that answer your question?
  16. Nanasaurus

    Schoolchildren vote 13-1 to slaughter lamb Marcus

    lol i'm just imagining that one poor little kid sitting there going 'don't kill marcus!' while all their bloodthristy little friends are going 'kill! kill! kill!'
  17. Nanasaurus

    Smoking on premises?

    all for smoking on premises, just obviously not inside... i think designated places are a good idea, though, just because it is so offensive to a lot of people. but designated places that are convenient... don't want all the smokers passing out/dying because they have to trudge up a hill to...
  18. Nanasaurus

    Naughtiest place you've done the deed...

    my friend just said in the bushes in the middle of a park. in the middle fo the day. that one might win. or at the beach?
  19. Nanasaurus

    Naughtiest place you've done the deed...

    drunk in a tent in the middle of a paddock with everyone else around. ...which one's stupider?
  20. Nanasaurus

    Naughtiest place you've done the deed...

    at the guy's work, on a bench in the middle of a half-finished house. middle of the day, he was at work by himself with NFI where everyone else was, so anyone could have come back. stupid, really.