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  1. DanS

    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    Pretty good exam tbh. Crime lovely. Options were consumers & workplace for me.... would have lost a few marks in workplace, but hopefully other sections will carry me. HEY YEAH SAME HERE!!! Finally... RIP my HSC 2014.
  2. DanS

    B6 Cut off

    LOW 80s??????? OK, maybe i will get 92/3 scaled mark... fingers crossed
  3. DanS

    Metal and Engineering

    Haha we must be the only ppl in the state that even tried to do well for this ridiculous subject! I topped the state, sorry. Haha they should rewrite the English syllabus on the same lines as M&E... but hey, who cares, I'm finished!!!!!! YOLO
  4. DanS

    financial service hsc exam 2014

    Yeah, perfect exam. Wouldn't have a clue RE B5/6 cutoffs - I'm no pro at such things - but i would assume pretty close to 80/90 respectively, because it was so easy.
  5. DanS

    Financial Services 2014

    Sorry never got round to getting back t this thread... now that i'm finished, catchup time! AWESOME EXAM.
  6. DanS

    2014 Internal Ranks Thread

    Yep, true, I wasn't trying to discredit anyone with the calibre to achieve a ranking among the top 45-50 people in the state! It does require a lot of hard work, as well as consistent effort and definitely no slacking off! Having said that, the hard work can be minimised and focused solely...
  7. DanS

    2014 Internal Ranks Thread

    Hrrm, school rank a bit all over the joint. 2012 it was about 78 or something, 2013 somewhere between 130-150. Bit confusing actually when the 'school' is actually a whole heap of small campuses. Yes, I see where you are coming from - it can work for some and stuff others around. Its really...
  8. DanS

    2014 Internal Ranks Thread

    Ahhhh!!!! Google it, read about it, find out!! might be a good, quick overview if you get an account. Is a very long and complex process but taking into account the inconsistencies and other aspects that need to be considered, trust me, it is pretty fair! Its not exactly your school...
  9. DanS

    BoS Supervises - Very Chill?

    Yeah same as! 5mins reading time turns into 15 :) And... when the whole town's power gos out, including the exam room, everyone gets to talk and stuff round.. LOL hey anyone else here knowing bout this?? Haha probs not, all dropouts where we go ;)
  10. DanS

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    Yeah lol me neither. I literally just had to expand them all to get the answer!! haha i was scavenging for marks whereever i could
  11. DanS

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    Yeah. Don't worry, 99 is better than nothing... ;)
  12. DanS

    Section I: Multiple Choice

    hrrm, maybe... what about the other 90 marks? ;)
  13. DanS

    Section I: Multiple Choice

    Great. All right, I think, except for 2. I changed it from B to C, DON'T ASK. If only we didn't have a 15min blackout halfway thru... a c d c b d c c a d
  14. DanS

    Financial Services 2014

    Hey fellow BOSers, Who else is sitting the Financial Services exam? Wonder what it will be like this year, there was more theory in last years exam than I thought there would be... hope there is more accounting this year!
  15. DanS

    State Rank Mark!!

    Unfortunately, you cannot achieve a state rank this year as I have already chosen to do so. Sorry :( Hang on, you can get a state rank if you wish, as long as I can top the state. Metals is a subject where 80% of the whole cohort don't care, 15% are too thick to do it, and the remaining 5% put...
  16. DanS

    Cssa trials: Legal studies

    Hey all, I found out today that the contract between the CSSA and the schools that buy their papers mandates that the schools collect all papers etc after the exams and are not meant to release them until the 27th or something. Our supervisor clearly didn't know that, cos i took all the papers...
  17. DanS

    My school wants to make me repeat?!?!

    Awesome! Glad to hear it ;)
  18. DanS


    Yeah, this. 67 days to go!!!!!!
  19. DanS

    My school wants to make me repeat?!?!

    Definitely, definitely make an appeal. Back it up with a very good letter from your parents and any others that may be able to help out. You must pursue any possible options to the nth degree, the first being just submitting a formal appeal - in line with the guidelines/policies & documentation...