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  1. parko

    Whos Goin To Port Macquarie (Sundowner)

    me and my mates went to Port for schoolies in '03. Man what an awesome week. It's not "boring"- thats the whole fun of it. You can make your own fun and noone cares. An entire caravan park for schoolies? Trust me, it's not dull. We had about 20 of us go up, we stayed at the Sundowner in...
  2. parko

    "Computer" tutorial

    half-naked green painted men came into hux library today with a megaphone pretty funny, gave me something to chuckle about while reading a coroner's report....
  3. parko

    need notes

    i have core summaries- dont know if they'll be any good to you but i can scan them and u can see. when do u need them by? Also try the notes link at the main menu. i know lots of us from last yr put up (or at least attempted to!) our notes/summary thingys
  4. parko


    hahaha amen to that
  5. parko


    oh yeah just to add to that, i also played 1000 miles (vanessa carlton again) at an assembly with a friend, sounded pretty damn good (if i do say so myself lol) with just the grand piano and lizzie's voice. it was pretty easy to learn, i was about 6th when i did it and ive now done...
  6. parko


    i love msn :D
  7. parko


    Re: Re: sad? oh yeah i totally agree- new people are everywhere! and yeah im gonna meet alot more new peolpe in my lifetime, which im looking forward to! The thing im worried about is the few close friends who i WANT to stay in touch with will meet new people aswell and we'll drift apart...
  8. parko


    and i thought i was the only one who felt like this..... while ive gotten to know some people already through group work and ice-breaker games and htings, it makes me even more woried beacause i kwno my friends are doing exactly the same thing.......meeting new ppl with interests that are the...
  9. parko


    ooooh i love the intro to the piano.....awesome piece! anyhoo with the whole piano/voice stuff hav u heard any vanessa carlton stuff? shes pretty cool, has some hard and easy stuff. "wanted" is awesome, its in semi quaver triplets. hehe very fast and ur hand gets sore, but pretty impressive...
  10. parko


    iambored i know how u feel i have some really good friends who ive known for years- and im dreading this whole moving on thing cos i dont need to replace them with new uni ppl! (like i dont need a new best friend and all that jazz) and what worries me more is that THEY will forget me...
  11. parko

    the book shop

    same here, i guess im just so used to having text books given to me throughout high school, never having to pay for them (apart from 1 pe book) Suddenly i understand more why teachers get so bewildered when they get damaged books back at the end of the year........more money down the toilet
  12. parko

    the book shop

    thanks heaps i have to go tomorrow to get some stuff (well alot of stuff actually :mad: ) theyre so big, and EXPENSIVE!
  13. parko

    first days

    nah only 2 tutes for me today, first lecture is tomorrow, rest are all day friday. tutes were just 2 hours full of getting to know you and ice-breaker type things. plus a more in-depth intro to the course. got my first assignment aswell :mad: parko
  14. parko

    official newcastle uni students thread

    1st yr B. Nursing NURS1010, NURS1210, NURS1130, HUBS1407 where are all the newy ppl?!
  15. parko

    UNCLE logo

    theres a pic of it on the front cover of the guide to online enrollment thingy its a horses head, seahorse type tail thing and funny looking front legs might investigate that one oneday....
  16. parko

    has anyone started their compositions?

    last year i was probably just starting it now- i was sposed to experiment with stuff over the hols, and then have ideas when i got back to school. hahaha needless to say i had no ideas and therefore started from scratch. i dont think it realy matters how early/late you start it (apart from...
  17. parko

    French 2004

    Salut Supra j'ai reu 69 pour le franais. Extrmement du mais comme j'a dit avant, je n'ai pas eu un professeur pour deux annes (ou une trs merde une au moins!) it may sound like an exaggeration, but seriously, my teacher was pathetic. We never did work in class, everything i did was on my...
  18. parko

    QUICK-Urgent Help Needed!

    yeah i thought that was what would happen. cos the same happened to me, i couldnt find info anywhere telling me how to register for pc labs! then i figured it was just a tute substitute :D
  19. parko

    QUICK-Urgent Help Needed!

    lol, as long as its been sorted. thats cool that you lost 4 hours! 15h/w isnt too bad at all
  20. parko

    How many hours?

    agggh only 1 hr on monday? thats annoying. is it smack bang in the middle of the day or in the morning/afternoon, so it doesnt completely muck up your day?