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  1. em-leee91

    ATAR Statistics & Scaling Report 2009

    i second that!!! 96!!!
  2. em-leee91

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    :p woweee 95.8!!!! i am escasticc!!!!!
  3. em-leee91

    Has Anyone Applied For A illness/misadventure Yet???

    On halloween nite a friend in our year killed herself, -she will be missed, funeral was yesterday and was saddest thing eva evertone balwed the whole way thru. ..our year filled out a group misadventure form from the 2nd nov to the end of hsc and individual misadventures form fro those who...
  4. em-leee91

    how was it?

    yeh it was crap i went in thinking it was going to be goood but noooo afi was shitttt n so was the rest gahh fuk that x im ranked 1 at school so hopefully it will suffice
  5. em-leee91

    new kingdom egypt to the death of T4?

    these questions were ridiculous lol ..nubia??? wtf i chose official and rambled on about penkbet an ebamna and senenmut gahhh no time or info but ask me a questions on phaorahs hyksos queens aum cult anything but that crap haha
  6. em-leee91

    Shortest HSC timetable

    i have them in the first 9 days =( gayyyyyyy finish with bio on the 29th im am so fukkkedd!!! xxxo
  7. em-leee91

    P&P and Letters To Alice

    yeah i enjoyed p+p but the analysis of it is so gay im mean come onfay weldon is a femininst nong who rambles on about crap lol xox
  8. em-leee91

    The Simple Gift

    simple gift/related texts? Hey im doing the simple gift but i need realted txts that fit my thesis To belong, self identity, commitment of shared values and personal connection through relationships are transformed from feelings of disconnection and isolation. im thinking either secret...
  9. em-leee91

    The Simple Gift

    hey thanks those really helped :) xox
  10. em-leee91

    The Simple Gift

    lol yeh the simple gift is hard becozse its so simple lol argg i hate english lol its so ironic x
  11. em-leee91

    What subjects are you thinking of dropping next yr?

    omg same im dropping ancient as well good idea hey
  12. em-leee91

    Year 11

    yeh yr 11 ok but just all the freaking homework we have to do. advanced english ext maths... boo food technolgy biology business studies ancient history =)))