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    Tips for 2007 HSC Class/Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting Your HSC

    heheheh...i was in dymocks today and saw i whole section on the "... for dummies" and what struck me was theres no "HSC for dummies" i mean srsly there shud be a self help guideto the HSC its a difficult time and if anyone wants my advice 1. minimise stress dont think what mite happen just do...
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    Crime "Identify and analyse TWO conditions that have led to..."

    well i hope u do get well 100% from the way ur talking...btw yeh the questions were straight from the syllabus but theres a massive difference between what u wrote based on what u think answered the syllabus questions and what the markers expect of i wouldnt count my eggs b4 they hatch...
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    General thoughts- Extension 1 maths

    oh my god... jus wanna kick myself i realised that the circle geometry question i got it right but i was luking at the wrong angle and thought i got it completely wrong so i crossed it out...
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    thoughts on 2 units adavnced

    i looked at question 10 and went " oh f**K" i mean if i understood the question i wud be able to put sumfin down there were some questions that i just didn't do and ths embarassing coz i'm doing extension most of them were probability i hate...
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    Freaking Out...

    i know exactly what u mean it hadn't hit me then but now that its getting closer all the questions are popping up like have i studies enough? how much more do i study?..will i go blank if i dont study now? lol...i'm sure everyone is as freaked out as everyone else...i dont think people are...
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    how much study are you doing a day?

    i know exactly what you it just me or does everything after the trials seem annoyingly monotonous?... does anyone else feel like a break after an hour of yr 11 and most of yr 12 i could pull 5-6 hours on weekdays and about 8-9 on weekends now that skool is over (forever woot...
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    UAI 100, topped phys/chem - offering hsc tuition for biology this coming holidays

    sorry buh i think it was offered in usyd buh apprently u have to 3 year science degree and then they offer u med btw well done on the 100...its a bit late lolz i know my bro did it the same year as u he's doing med at unsw
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    losing weight?

    hey i'm the a lil shorter than u and i way alot more than u ...and i've tried to loose weight buh nufin much has really worked:(...i try to put exercise into whteva i do like walking home from school instead of cathcing the bus or walking around the house when i'm on a break... buh i wreckon tht...
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    Help Bio!

    hey does anyone have past BIOLogy prelim papers i have absolutely none....can sumone help pretty please with a cherry and cream and nuts and chocolate on top lol
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    my bro did UMAT and got into med UMat is jus like genral knowledge quiz they jus wanna see if u have a really gud common sense they'll ask u stuff on how well u can read emotions...rotational symmetery and finisign certain shpes inside a number of shpes...its not crazy hard buh it is sumfin u...
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    Eng prelim exam papers

    hey does anyone have past eng prelim exams...thnx in advance
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    reasons to drop maths ext1

    some skools do harder tests so tht the students will study more and get better tat the questions so by the time they get to the HSC the stuff there is easy fer them...we've have topic tests and omg is it crazy...these two girls( i go to a all girls skool) in my class got 100% buh the test was...
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    reasons to drop maths ext1

    i dont think u shud...unless ur finding it diffficult then drp ( whts the point in going through it) buh if ur getting it and its jus the marks tht arent coming in to picture then u have to make more of a effort ...maths in jus pure practice nufin else so i suppose jus practice the questions...
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    What is your motivation?

    i think the exact same thing...if u get a high UAI u have more oppurtunities to do whtever job u want compared to if u had a lower UAI u wud be limited...and if ur doing the job u want...then ur happy if ur getting paid well fer tht job then ur even happier so srsly its a win win
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    Aaargh Ext math! HELP!

    yeh if u live in sydney u cud try preuni i go there and it pretty gud buh if u need alot of help u need a private bro tutors 3 unit maths buh ths if ur in sydney
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    Half Yearly Exams!

    mine are in week 3 only 2 weeks...this is crazy i'm not use to studying in the i get distracted when i start bio....anyone who has assessment throughout the term is so lucky my headaches are all in one week ARGGHHH