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  1. Constantine

    SIX YEARS OF EXPERIENCE | EnAdv(93), Ext (47), Bus (93), Eco (92) | ATAR 97.5

    2021 September 10th UPDATE: 2 OPENINGS. Email me today at Replies are made within 2 hours.
  2. Constantine

    Transfer to UNSW?

    Since both degrees are IT related, I am going to assume your dream course at UNSW is also something to do with IT. Course relevance and first year uni marks are more important than your ATAR mark and lastly which uni. It really doesn't matter if it is WSU or Macquarie especially considering the...
  3. Constantine

    Done with HSC :)

    Glad to hear it. I experienced this first hand myself. I did 12 units and I under-performed by a lot on the day of the hsc exam for one subject. You just never know. Every single exam is super important. Continue studying now so you can have a guilt-free 3 months holiday.
  4. Constantine

    Done with HSC :)

    Keep it up guys! It is not over and you can still make a huge difference until the very last second of the last exam! :)
  5. Constantine

    ATAR Estimate Post-Trials - 90+?

    I did! In fact, my school estimated ~88 and >90 if I am lucky. I ended up with high 90s! I was over the moon. :headbang:
  6. Constantine

    ATAR Estimate Post-Trials - 90+?

    Wow! Time flies! Six years ago... :eek::cool:
  7. Constantine

    Blue pen or black pen or pineapple pen

    HSC markers will always prefer black but if you don't have your preferred pen in black then forego it and just stick with what you are used to.
  8. Constantine

    Is it worth it?

    Yes of course. Two of my closest friends from high school did Law at USyd and both of them got >99 and did not do maths.
  9. Constantine

    Is it worth it?

    Dropping to Standard. If you failed the Prelim Advanced course, I don't think it is very likely for you to achieve 80s in Year 12. You can still get the necessary ATAR for Law with Standard. In fact, many of my law classmates didn't even do Maths...
  10. Constantine

    How should I utilise my reading time

    I always liked to read through the entire paper first and give my brain some time to absorb them. This way I can also identify any really difficult questions that requires extensive planning. Often, I find I have a few minutes of reading time left all this. I will begin the MCs. I did this...
  11. Constantine

    2020-HSC chat

    So many excuses... those that are determined will do well no matter what. YOU will do great in the HSC and eventually in the work force! All that positivity and gratitude just radiating off of you in response to a positive comment. I will be wishing nothing but the best for your HSC. Sending...
  12. Constantine

    2020-HSC chat

    So close you guys!! Hang in there! It is OK to take breaks but definitely do not lose hope or give up.
  13. Constantine

    anyone else feeling unmotivated in year 12?

    You are so close! It is September! Hang in there!
  14. Constantine

    Handwriting speed

    I used to be able to do ~1200 words in 40. To get a B6 in Advanced, you generally need to aim >1000 in 40.
  15. Constantine

    uts law

    You will not get into UNSW with low 90s. I am currently at UTS with 97.50. I applied for UNSW and did not get in. However, I am aware of someone with ~98 and got in.
  16. Constantine


    Unpopular opinion but I believe it depends on the individual. I have always been able to function properly on 4-5 hours on sleep. I also prefer to study at night so my 'golden hours' are 9pm–2am. During this time frame, I can study at maximum efficiency without any breaks and it worked really...
  17. Constantine

    SIX YEARS OF EXPERIENCE | EnAdv(93), Ext (47), Bus (93), Eco (92) | ATAR 97.5

    2020 May UPDATE: Classes full. Thank you :)
  18. Constantine

    Best university for law

    For me it would be between UTS and Macquarie. UTS law is known for its practical approach and I think it is great. This is my fifth and final year there. However, I have also heard great things about Macquarie. Two of my closest friends did law and graduated from Macquarie last year and they...
  19. Constantine

    Free Online Tutoring and Essay Review for Yr 12s

    Hi guys. Genuine free quick tutoring session and assessment review offer for any struggling Yr 12s. :read: I can only imagine how stressful this time might be for some of you guys right now. I have been doing private tutoring for the past five years and achieved an ATAR of 97.50. It is just...
  20. Constantine

    SIX YEARS OF EXPERIENCE | EnAdv(93), Ext (47), Bus (93), Eco (92) | ATAR 97.5

    2020 MARCH 27TH UPDATE: IN PERSON CLASSES FULL. Online classes and one-on-one tutoring still available: 1 more student... last availability & opening. Email me today at Replies are made within 2 hours.