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  1. neptoons

    UNSW releases portfolio offer

    same, maybe it's released later in the day like 9?
  2. neptoons

    holiday procrastination

    anyone else experiencing trial procrastination and how do i solve it i feel so far behind that i can't be bothered catching up
  3. neptoons

    2023 HSC chat

    honestly it was a bit disturbing
  4. neptoons

    oral hsc question

    WHY OH WHY does it say on the sheet for my oral test that i cant wear any school uniform/identify myself or my school in any way what's the point. Why.
  5. neptoons

    Stupid question

    Hi I have a pretty silly question but i was wondering if there was a possibility for special provisions to be provided for hyperhidrosis. I know special provisions are meant to be for illness etc but honestly having hyperhidrosis in my palms makes writing an inconvenience especially under exam...
  6. neptoons

    2023 HSC Exam Timetables: OUT NOW 28/4

    i have business and eng ext 1 on the same day :(
  7. neptoons

    Anyone else struggling with motivation/burnout? Tips?

    I said this in another chat but what i do when im burnt out is go to the library with a few friends ahead of me in my subjects and I study with them to try and catch up :)
  8. neptoons

    Does anyone else suffer from long term procrastination?

    I get this too, I start out strong at the start of term and then wither away by week7/8 (now) One thing i find helps is going to the library with friends smarter than me (who work harder than me too) - it motivates me to work and not slack off while they're there so they don't judge me .. :D
  9. neptoons

    2023 HSC chat

    same! :D
  10. neptoons

    whats everyone planning on doing after the hsc?

    im indecisive aswell, i feel like i have TOO many options but none of them fit me exactly??
  11. neptoons

    2 major works?!?! also what do I drop

  12. neptoons

    Has anyone started their prelims yet?

  13. neptoons

    Has anyone started their prelims yet?

    i'm not sure yet, i was keen on dropping it but recently i realised how much i actually enjoy it and how it helps me in advanced,... but on the other hand it's a lot of work :(
  14. neptoons

    Has anyone started their prelims yet?

    it went well, i think! i just made all of it up on the spot except for my introduction but hopefully it pulls through :)
  15. neptoons

    Has anyone started their prelims yet?

    oh damn,,,, how was that?? i hate afternoon exams so much bc then i spend the whole morning freaking out
  16. neptoons

    Has anyone started their prelims yet?

    i have my ext1 exam today.... haven't memorised anything and planning to do what you did .. heh
  17. neptoons

    do prelims mean anything in terms of the hsc

    hi doing prelim exams for the next 2 weeks but due to me being burnt out/undermotivated and done with y11 i'm not really prepared for anything. do prelims indicate how well you'll do in the hsc? does me being burnt out now mean i'll be worse this time next year? thx ")