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    How easy is it to achieve an average 75 WAM?

    Pick the civil bridge or mechanical project in ENGG1000 for the easiest marks. The other projects are interesting, too, but seeing as 75WAM is your priority go with the easy projects. Just don't pick the electrical one, very few people get over credit in that project.
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    To all Med Hopefuls

    Most people do med at USYD through graduate entry. They do an undergrad degree (can be anything, but science/med science is probably the best for obvious reasons) and complete gamsat/interview and only then can they begin studying medicine. If you got 99.95 in high school, however, you can...
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    Medicine worth it?

    Lol yeah those are the fees paid if you're an international student. If you're an aussie citizen, you'll be paying closer to 25% of the value listed there. Last year I paid around $8.5k for a whole year, whereas that website shows $37k. Here's a more representative list of fees that you as a...
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    Optometry offers

    I believe an opthalmologist (different from optometrist or optician) requires a Medicine degree as it is a medical specialty.
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    Medicine worth it?

    From what I gather, it's not the fees and debt that make it hard to decide whether medicine is "worth it", but rather the time sunk into the profession and training. Time > Money.
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    Does anyone else feel really pressured into certain career paths?

    Lol man..that whirlpool thread was pretty depressing, poor guy. I'm asian and what I hate the most about asian culture is this priority for social status and money. Sure, money is nice - but I've read a study where a persons day-to-day happiness increases up to about ~80k/yr. Above that point...
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    Motivational story for first year students

    OP is right. Save for medicine, most courses are very easy to transfer into as long as you are transferring within the same university. Law is a bit harder than others, but a ~80 WAM required for unsw law transfer is much easier than 99.65 atar.
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    Med at different unis and transferring

    How do you know this? I've been wondering for a while. I think I have 7 GPA (unsw uses wam system) but I can definitely say that it is much less impressive than 99.95 ATAR.
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    Uadel med/dent offers

    The 2015 admissions guide pg 7 clearly states 40:40:20 weighting for atar,interview,umat and now we get that email? Not sure what is going on here lol. edit: The only mention of that kind of tiered ranking system in the admissions guide is under international student entry (pg14). Except for...
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    Uadel med/dent offers

    Didn't get one either - your scores are insane though considering your 99.90 has a weighting of 40%. I'm interstate, too. edit: This is ridiculous - your scores didnt get you into dentistry? wtf. Never applied for it but from what I've gathered a 99.90 and 95% should be overkill for dent.
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    UNSW Chit Chat Thread

    Re: UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2015. Cuesports society is excellent. Even if you're not into pool/billiards you'll definitely be interested if you go to one of their (free) events with some friends just to mess around. Mechanical engineering/electrical engineering for their free food and...
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    Electrical Engineering vs Clinical Psychology?

    If, by "better" you mean income/job security, then electrical engineering. Keep in mind though: If you don't have a big interest in math, abstract logic, programming, circuits, electromagnetism and physics you will grow to hate electrical eng. Electrical is a fucking hard degree.
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    UAC deadline!!

    They can change their preferences for later round offers. Should be ok.
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    Transfer into UNSW Medicine?

    Yep, you can transfer into UNSW medical science and from there on transfer into Medicine if you do well. The only issue you might have is transferring credits over from UTS medsci to UNSW medsci. There is a chance that you'll have to redo certain subjects after you've transferred, even if...
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    What's the difference between that and good old Science/Eng? Seems like a trivial paperwork change to me.
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    What is everything that one should consider when comparing universities?

    Future wives? Isn't that the whole point of uni?
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    UNSW average UMAT??

    What were their ATARs? We're assuming they're non-rural right.
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    Weird food confessions

    There is nothing wrong with eating kiwifruit with the skin still attached. The skin itself literally has no taste and it's about as 'furry' as a peach - especially since the hair is usually wet. Also, bread+cheese slice in microwave for 15-20 seconds = best midnight snack and literally takes...
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    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

    UNSW engineering accepts people below the ATAR cutoff even if you factor in bonus points. It depends quite a lot on supple/demand, but the strict cut off of 91 isn't always true for later round offers. You definitely won't get an offer in the main round, but later offers might have good news...
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    UNSW Info day!

    Can't you change preferences after the date for later round offers anyway?