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  1. gadbil

    A.R.O. Notice

    yeh i just chekd mine now
  2. gadbil

    overall performance

    hey everyone. i just wanted to know something in general , if u hav gud ranks+gud assessment marks and dont have gud hsc marks is that a bad thing? or will it help u in the end?
  3. gadbil

    Priority Areas

    Hey guys, see in core 1 focus question 2 we need to discuss the priority action areas in terms of nature of problem, extent,risk factors,social determinants, and groups at risk do we need to discuss these for all the action areas ???
  4. gadbil

    Finding Pd Hard

    thanx for ur advice guys im just feelinjg very stresd atm
  5. gadbil

    Finding Pd Hard

    hey guys, im finding pd like really hard to study for i never thought it was gona be like this, but thers soooo much content and information to learn its driving me crazy. Everytime i open my book i look at the work then quickly close it..... is anyone else finding it hard as well?
  6. gadbil

    Rank-hsc Mark

    hey guys, alot of my friends tell me that if you a ranked first in a subject then in the hsc you take the highest mark from ur class. Is that true? thanx
  7. gadbil

    General Thoughts - General Mathematics

    i hated the test their were weird questions but my main problem was time we needed much more i left out a few
  8. gadbil

    Multiple Choice Answers

    isnt 7d
  9. gadbil

    Answers To Difficult Questions

    how did everyone work out q10
  10. gadbil

    Answers To Difficult Questions

    oh ok damnn i wish i can go bak in tym i hate mc
  11. gadbil

    Answers To Difficult Questions

    why is question 9a
  12. gadbil

    Answers To Difficult Questions

    oh sorry ignore me it cant be [a] lol
  13. gadbil

    Answers To Difficult Questions

    isnt question 6 a
  14. gadbil

    Answers To Difficult Questions

    hey guys what did use get for question 6 9 10 12
  15. gadbil

    Quick question

    hey guys what do they mean by identify -log10 (H+) and explain that a change in pH of 1 means a ten-fold change in [H+]. thanx
  16. gadbil

    Overall hsc mark

    but would my assessment mark be scaled down
  17. gadbil

    Overall hsc mark

    hey guys i was just wondering if someones assessment for a subject is like 91 and their ranked 1st and end up stuffing up in the hsc exam and failing it..will ur overall mark be a pass or fail?... thanx
  18. gadbil

    Studying for chem

    hey guys, i was just wondering how are yous studying for chem.....
  19. gadbil

    Ramadan 1428

    Hey Everyone Ramadan mubarak to you all:)
  20. gadbil

    hsc exam

    hey guys, i was just curious to know what happens if you miss out on one of your hsc exams like dont turn up. like will you get a zero, or an estimate?