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  1. Tenille

    Employment... or lack thereof.

    More jobs should become available as the new financial year starts, which woolies?
  2. Tenille

    How many jobs have you had?

    a discount shop - about 2 and a half years. whilst at above job kmart for about 2 months as christmas casual. woolies (im up to one year there now, and at the end of my discount job and start of woolies i had another job at a corner store for about 2 months, before i got into the woolies...
  3. Tenille

    Books You Own But Have Not Read

    A clockwork orange (tried to read by gave up after 20 pages) then i have a pile to read in the following order: - the power of one Dr Jekyll and mr hyde. Holy cow (travel book) a tale of two cities the search fo the panchen Lama Gullivers Tales Don Quixote Dracula little woman a...
  4. Tenille

    is anyone doing these subjects???

    Pol121 tuesday 11:30 hist124 tuesday 15:30
  5. Tenille

    I hate UOW

    take a copy of trivial pursuit there, the best questions are the ones which the trivial pursuit dudes be funny. "which game will kill you if you are over 21?" Answer: 21!!! ahahahahahahah
  6. Tenille

    FAQ: The 8 Rules of Transferring

    there is nothing wrong with Woolworths *runs to the corner and cries*
  7. Tenille

    The Fresh Food Song....On that Fresh Food Song

    no no no what i hate is the home shop ad with that bloody annoying woman who laughs AHHHHHHHHHHH i don't care that you can shop in your pjs ahhhh. the fresh song was tops for like a week...
  8. Tenille

    Timetables: Hows things for you?

    8:30 tute and then i go home on thursday so stupid i don't ant to get up just for that i hope i can change it to a wednesday tute =/ stupid marketing. on the plus side no accounting whats so ever :)!!!!
  9. Tenille

    Sign In Here UOW'ers

    Nah probably 2nd semester next year if i stick with commerce
  10. Tenille

    Sign In Here UOW'ers

    Tenille Arts(pol111 & hist107) - Commerce (comm100 & accy100) Remember me :p
  11. Tenille

    Work safe image? PLEASE ALL HELP!

    Nah corrimal (two before fairy meadow with the coke works behind it) (this msg totally has a point)
  12. Tenille


    the shoes i wear have a crack in them and i stepped in puddles so i had to walk around with wet socks all day with no umbrella. im the girl with wet socks and no umbrella. so i bought new shoes today.
  13. Tenille

    Congrats Snapperhead!

    someone inform docs...
  14. Tenille


    gp to the help thing on the site thats how i worked it out. i just found my email the other day hahah i suck they cancelled my computer lab so i had to get a new one :(
  15. Tenille

    FAQ: Read before asking

    You only heard once?
  16. Tenille

    Biggest Loser!

    what happened?
  17. Tenille

    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    The january man and twilight (random 80's movies) shit shit not dodgey/funny shit
  18. Tenille

    assessment word limits

    Well i have posted a question on web ct but will anyone reply? Stupid subjective question, it took me like half an hour to find the actual question hahaha anyone who didnt turn up to the first lecture won't know about it or will have only a couple of hours to do it on the day its due...
  19. Tenille

    assessment word limits

    ok should i leave a message on web ct (which has not been used at all for this subject) or email the lecturer directly (i don't know who my tutor is because we havent had tutes yet)?
  20. Tenille

    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    i never said it wasent boring :p