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    Spartan Archaeological Sources

    Check out Brennans book.. It has great evidence for those things and the whole book mainly concentrates on archaeological evidence
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    Sparta's Fall

    there are many reasons why sarta fell... You could argue that its political makeup with the older members of society brought it down.. there is also the issue of a declining and then almost extinction of the spartiate class.. also the impact of helots from nearby poleis.. The declining...
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    first year uni

    i'm a first yeaer and i'm just wondering,.. does uni get any easier and more laid back after first year>? because right now it seems pretty hectic:S
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    ***ANZ Stadium - Recruiting Now!!!***

    i also got called for an interview on tuesday.. can't wait i so hope i get the job.. the lady who rang me sounded really nice and willing to give me the job
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    What subjects will you be doing in 2008?

    why do you say AHST104 is death? its kinda the stuff im really into though..:confused:
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    What subjects will you be doing in 2008?

    i am doing AHST103 HIST109 EDUC105 GEOS112 and.. AHST104 EDUC106 GEOS111 GEOS118
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    Coles Pay Rate

    i work at target and its under the colesmyer group.. anyways i am a casual worker the deal is its normal pay rate mon-sat and sunday is penalty rates however.. sunday rate is 1.5x the part time rate on sundays not of the noraml casual rate so yeah..i'm just going to get another
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    im a new student starting in 2008 and just wondering what day we are meant to go to during this oreientation for new students..not the 25th..the week before. i am doing a BA/ DIP ED and am double majoring in history and geography and i am enrolled in the humanities.. do i go to the ACES day...
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    what makes you think they will check if you actually have a job?? just fill out the form and give it to them..then get the sticker,, they dont really care ..if the form is filled out you get the concession..
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    External packages

    what about if you are doing only one unit externally?? what happens then?
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    Post Your 2008 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam) (UAI cutoffs link)

    got into a BA/ Dip Ed at mac uni quite easily.. i also have that problem.. i know one person from my school thast going to mac and one person from my work and thats it... majority of people from my year are going to UWS or to UNSW or UTS. i dont know what it is with people like avoiding...
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    Confused about timetables/Units etc.

    why do you say it is not worth doing over the 14 credit points??? if it is just 15 credit points that is only one extra hour a week??... does it really make that much difference doing 5 subjects in one semester?? and why do you sat 'complete genius' .. i mean if your good at the subjects...
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    Confused about timetables/Units etc.

    i am also doing my BA and Dip-ed this year and i have searched the whole website and the handbook( i bought it on pathways day;)) umm i think i understand now.. but we go there on one day (mine is the 30th jan) for a general scope on the course and then the next for 'academic advising',(mine...
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    M2/M7 or Train

    i also live in quakers and am starting uni this year.. driving is fine if you got your own car and can be bothered to drive in traffic,, train will be better when the new station opens on cmapus the best way atm is to go by bus... leaves blacktown and sevin hills stations hourly and goes...
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    2008 starters what course

    BA and Dip Ed gees our UAI entry score dropped heaps this year
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    MCSI units

    just wondering if anyone has done any MCSI units and what they think of them?? which are best ones to study>?
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    Bachelor of arts/ Dip Ed

    i just got offered into doing teaching at mac thourgh the BA/Dip Ed and i was wondering how you go about chosing your units.. i am going to major in history and geography and was wondering how many subjects i should do eac semester and what ones are best.. also could i fit in a christian...
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    I hate Target!

    taregt is crap... nobody should apply at anymore target stores unless you are 15 and just starting out in a job..once you hit 18 you should leave immediately..the pay is alright i guess but after being in the job for more than a year and conctant staff and manager changes it turns out for the...
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    The Greek Wolrd 500-450 BC assessment 2008

    by far to me... the easiest one is the first one.. themistocles did so much during this period... he led the army to and away from almost an obvious and devastating loss at tempe he led the navy in both salamis and artemissium but most importanlty he helped the growth of democracy wthin...
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    hey i was just wondering whether there were any scholarships for teaching other than the DET ones for the selected subjects.. and specifically to macquarie university.. i got my UAI back and recieved 90+ and was placed on the distinguished achievers list too... does this mean i can get...