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    Best degrees for govt/policy?

    Thanks - yeah I've heard of that - do you know if it's any good?
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    Best degrees for govt/policy?

    I'm not sure if this is the right section to post in but here's my dilemma: I'm doing science(geography)/law (2nd year), passionate about the environment but really interested in public policy in general. I'm not really enjoying the science (just doesn't seem practical), and I'm considering...
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    UNSW v USyd for Science/Law?

    Yeah I am, especially the law part. Had cold feet about whether I was doing the right thing but finally feel settled and love it so far.
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    UNSW v USyd for Science/Law?

    Yeah like everyone says, you can't go wrong with either. I'm doing science/law and chose UNSW mostly because of its law faculty. I really love the teaching style and definitely think it was the best decision for me. I don't regret not going to USYD.
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    B. Environmental Management

    You can take a look at the specific courses you'll be doing here:
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    Should i pursue law?

    Like the others have have said, only do it if you want to. It's as simple and as complex as that. If you have a vague interest in it, then go for it - no harm done (you can always drop it). But if you have absolutely no interest in it, then don't. And also, you're in yr 10 - I don't think you...
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    Laptops for Uni

    Re: Laptops for university Yeah I totally agree - I'm also bias - I absolutely love my 11 inch Macbook air - it's the perfect size, the keyboard and trackpad are fab (these were important factors for me) and it's incredibly speedy. Yes it was $1000 but I love it heaps so I think it's justified.
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    difficult parents

    I'm definitely in no position to provide advice on this matter, but I just want to say that although you feel like some people don't care about you, the truth is, so many more people love you and depend on you. Everyone goes through rough patches. You're not alone in this sense - yes, your...
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    How many slices of pizza can you eat in one sitting?

    Can easily eat a whole pizza if I'm hungry (8-10 slices) - when I start eating pizza, I can't stop
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    UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2014

    + 1 Literally this.
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    Should I pursue law?

    I'm one of those people that fervently believes that if you have a passion, you should continue to go for it. You obviously really want to do medicine/dentistry, and don't have nearly as much passion for law. Seriously, with your passion and willpower, I think you'll get in eventually. If you'd...
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    How do you take notes for Law?

    + 1 - I've only completed my first year of law, and so far my method is to make detailed notes of your readings before class (will depend on how much available time you have), and then modify them according to what is said in your lectures (add points that you've missed, or delete information...
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    How to excel in senior year studies (yr 11/12)-99+ ATAR graduate

    Re: Advice from a graduated HSC student on how to excel in senior year studies(yr 11/ Hi Mei, just want to say this guide is absolutely amazing! You're doing a huge service by using your time to help others. We need more people like you! All the best in your future endeavours :)
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    Commerce/Law at USyd or UNSW?

    Great answer deswa1! You summed it up perfectly. I didn't get 99.95 so I'm not sure about the differences in the scholarship, but when I was deciding between Usyd & UNSW, I literally just went with my gut. My parents wanted me to go to Usyd because of the prestige, but I ended up going to UNSW...
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    Should I do medicine?

    Thanks everyone for your input. I think I'm just going to continue my degree and if I start to hate it or become passionate about something else, I'll consider changing degrees.
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    Should I do medicine?

    After completing my first year of science/law @ UNSW and researching and listening to the stories of others, I'm having a dilemma. I'm quite passionate about the environment and policy, but I'm really not sure as to whether I can make this passion a viable career. After hearing about how bad...
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    What was your childhood dream job, and what is it now?

    Then: Meteorologist/climatologist or a science teacher Now: Something environmental/energy/related policy. I honestly don't know where I'm going - not sure if I will end up practising law or not?
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    Law at MQ vs USYD

    I'm not sure about 1) or 2), but I'm sure someone else can answer that. But, all I know is the annoying reality that if you've got two graduates, one from MQ and one from USYD, with similar marks and extracurriculars, the person from USYD will probably get employed. I'm not an employer and I...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Sem 2, 2013 GEOS2241 (Peak Carbon) Ease: 10/10. Very easy, all rote learning. Perhaps too easy - not challenging enough. Content: 7/10. A lot of the content really interested me. You basically get an overview of climate policy; from different angles etc. So as a generalist course, it...
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    Hey guys - if you've done BIOS1301 before, can you let me know if it's any good? Thanks