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  1. mini_monica


    Haha for the past few weeks i've been hunting down the mailman... poor guy. Congrats on your macquarie one. haveyou decided where you're going yet? i hate this whole waiting game.. after rejecting a usyd one i was stressed out - hoping for a unsw arts or law one.. hehe my hair-pulling days...
  2. mini_monica


    I just received an email with an offer for a Faculty of Arts one!! :) Hehe so check your email accounts and mailboxes, you might get something!
  3. mini_monica


    i applied for several law ones and some general undergraduate ones. spoke to someone from the scholarship office today and apparently we can expect notification of offers/rejections around mid-February, either by mail or on the website.
  4. mini_monica

    french continuers

    loved. it. all. haha yeah listening was quite awesome i actually did hear the kangaroo meat thing, but didn't hear jean luc's last name oh well. reading was great except for the reading and responding - internet and computers?? writing was ok too. =) overall a great exam.
  5. mini_monica

    Cold War

    i did the first quesiton too! it was quite a good one to answer, i mentioned china, korea haha, berlin blockade and the wall in 1961, and the cuban missile crisis. i said the korean war was not as significant as berlin or cuba blah blah blah. anyway i was SUPER relieved when i read that...
  6. mini_monica

    French Extension

    it was okay, actually.. not as bad as i thought it would be i agree with you about the film study- we do au revoir les enfants, and both the analysis section and that empathy task were kind of dodgy! i loved the writing section though- we had heaps of vocab on the riots at cronulla and the...
  7. mini_monica

    Cotton On

    i got a christmas casual position for liverpool westfield, and my induction is nxt saturday 16th at 2pm. at the mercure ultimo. :) anybody going? does anybody know if we get a lot of shifts with cotton on?
  8. mini_monica

    The Prelim msn list....

    ahhhh hahahha you're so funny. ;) hilarious. i swear you should become a comedian. on second thought, nah, your jokes are full of tautology, that's never good.
  9. mini_monica

    Mock Trial

    prosecution too! lol ours is on tuesday and i haven't really done anything much.... oh well the opening address is easy cause it's short... lol
  10. mini_monica

    Half Yearlies

    i love eco!! :D it's the best! we just had our half yearly on wednesday last week and it was ok.. it was all definitions, interpreting pp curves, and the ext response was pretty good cause we already knew it was on comparing aus and indonesia's economies. about maths ext... umm at our...
  11. mini_monica

    The Prelim msn list.... :p doing: adv. english 2u maths french continuers modern history legal studies economics and i have no idea what im gonna drop cause i love all of em!! ;)
  12. mini_monica

    Mock Trial

    yeah we're doing that one!! :p are you the prosecution or defence? good luck for thursday :) what role are u?
  13. mini_monica

    Mock Trial

    mock yeah im in our school mock trial team, as the solicitor/barrister (we swap the roles sometimes). we won our first round :D (criminal case) on the 2nd of march against was really fun! such a shame seeing as the points from the first round don't count.. lol :) we lost the...