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  1. leon4u

    Accounting Cadetships 2009

    Im currently a cadet, DONT GO TO THE BIG 4! Best advice I can give you The big 4 make you do filing and just simple tax returns with shit pay.. I moved to a medium sized firm and I have already started companies and super funds with a salary of 40k and have been trained appropriately your choice
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    earn $30,000 getting taxed $4800 but getting it all back so no fuss..
  3. leon4u

    How do i change to part time?

    I've accepted a cadetship but have enrolled into uws as fulltime.. and i need to change to part time how do i do it?
  4. leon4u

    bonus UAI points

    the 60 matter isnt a big team, she will easily get in, besides i got 10 more for business and got into my commerce degree already cause of it :)
  5. leon4u

    How does part time exactly work?

    so it'll take me 6 years to finish my degree instead of 3? not worth it is it?
  6. leon4u

    How does part time exactly work?

    With a bachelor of commerce right I'll have to go in 3 days a week. But I've got a cadetship and they want me to do part time once a week which means ill only go in once a week. How much longer does it take? and do you think its worth it.
  7. leon4u

    Single.. Who has never had a Girlfriend/boyfriend?

    Ive never had a girl friend and I get girls liking me I just cant commit to someone so I dont take the next step simple:hat:
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    Strange shocking offer

    Jeez I'm pretty sure that course that you got into must be of high quality as they excepted someone who got 40.. :hammer:
  9. leon4u

    Can you get a 0 uai?

    you must have high goals!
  10. leon4u

    Stressed out, but isn't everyone?

    you will get in, im pretty sure about it. Ill tell you something my friend got a 43 uai last year and got into a 60 course at uws. You easily beat it and you will be fine sooooooooo my advice to you is calm down because there will be much more important things to stress over goodluck
  11. leon4u

    UWS as a uni?

    about time someone on this site talks with common sense :spin:
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  13. leon4u

    opinions on this

    what a load of bolloks, ever heard of natural beauty? I know plenty of girls with a high socioeconomic status and there butt ugly doesnt mean anything. If were talking about looking good when dressing then obviously but with natural features it doesnt matter how rich you are
  14. leon4u

    Awkward "Friendship" or "Love" Situation

    they're gonna break up sooner or later lol thats how it works, anyhow pretend your talking to other girls and ask her for advice as shes your "best friend" and this will make her jealous.
  15. leon4u

    Already received an offer..

    so just by moving it down the list will all be fine?
  16. leon4u

    Already received an offer..

    Sorry if this has been mentioned, but ive received an offer and accepted it. As i still want to see if I will get any other offers that might interest me does that mean i can move the preference down on my list and it will all be good now?
  17. leon4u

    2008/09 English premier League

    Liverpool vs Everton twice in a week (fa cup and EPL) Bahahahaha you blue nose kents are outtttttttttttttttttttttt!
  18. leon4u

    2008/09 English premier League

    Yeah going from one scum to the other
  19. leon4u

    can't get over them

    im guessing your 18/19... i know it sounds cruel but chances are that this wont be the last time your going to be upset over a relationship as this happens to everyone. Pick yourself up and go out with friends so you can forget about it and have fun.