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  1. golfstick

    who works in a bar?

    RSLs and Pubs should be on the same award.
  2. golfstick

    Last Minute Help - ACCG253

    I hate accg with a passion :-/
  3. golfstick

    Criminal law

    it is clear that i have not read the question properly haha
  4. golfstick

    Scurvy the new scourge of uni life

    too many drugs and too much alcohol not enough food it's a choice there is also an element of laziness in living off 2-minute noodles exclusively
  5. golfstick

    Criminal law

    thanks maryjane for the link i still couldn't find it on there when i last had a look at 4am I did check that part of the site as well
  6. golfstick

    Criminal law

    still not there fuck em
  7. golfstick

    Criminal law

    iiiit's not theeeeerrrreee edit: whoa the forum clock is heaps slow
  8. golfstick

    Criminal law

    I have econ200 on Friday morning so I have to do the whole thing by Wednesday. :-/
  9. golfstick

    Criminal law

    I think I'm going to have to. I need to smash this one quickly because I have to get back to doing econ200.
  10. golfstick

    Bi or Lesbian in Sydney

    No I'm not!! *looks around*
  11. golfstick


    Swinging really is the ultimate test of how committed you are to your relationship. To swing, and then return to a monogamous relationship - that's a brave call.
  12. golfstick

    Gaining Weight

    melbournian used to stick ecstacy up his arse for better absorption
  13. golfstick

    Last Minute Help - Econ200

    How's everyone travelling? This is looking like my worst subject this semester.
  14. golfstick

    Russel Crowe arrested for chucking a phone at a hotel employee

    I still can't believe those guys weigh only 63kgs!
  15. golfstick

    Passed a subject already?

    I think I need 18% in my crim final to pass it. Contracts I'm only sitting on a credit overall so I'll need to get my shit together at some stage to make sure I pass it econ200 is a real problem however I should pass Isys123, but not as well as I thought i would at the start of the year...
  16. golfstick

    Aggressive rollerblading

    What's the hardest thing about rollerblading? Telling your parent's you're gay. Screw this whole 'agressive skate' definition. You can get grind plates to make almost any set of inline skates useable on rails. I used to use them a bit when I was younger to prepare for the ski season...
  17. golfstick


    As long as I think they'll play enough shit from Tiny Tunes/Same Old Tunes and the songs compiled on the Melancholy Collection, I'll go.
  18. golfstick

    OptusNet lifts 28Kbps cap

    what are you downloading to use more than 12Gb a month? Fucken hell especially with the off-peak periods that don't count towards downloads.
  19. golfstick

    Bi or Lesbian in Sydney

    Okay so I'm hetrosexual, male and I don't actually go to ACU... But I'm very open minded and would love to be part of such a lunch time discussion. I mightn't have a lot to contribute but I'm a great listener. :) I might be able to find some lesbian and bi chicks at Macquarie if that...
  20. golfstick


    take home crim and econ200 will kill me econ200 especially