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  1. snore

    Little Adolf Hitler seized from parents

    You are assuming that germany (not hitler) started the war. You study history? It is quite open to interpretation as to who started the war. As for a name, a name is a name who gives a fuck who had the name before hand. Fuck if we stopped calling kids names that 'evil people' once had, we would...
  2. snore

    How did you find out about BOS?

    My old advance english teacher kept going on about it in yr11, but it wasn't until yr12 that i really got into it.. then i got banned.. shit was so CASH
  3. snore

    Writer/Producer of Blinky Bill - ISRAELI

    FatJ weren't you going on about how aboriginals were raising the cost of petrol through increasing demand?? edit: or was that me
  4. snore

    Writer/Producer of Blinky Bill - ISRAELI

    pictures of you waiting or you're a pussy
  5. snore

    Aboriginal family suing Reserve Bank using relative image on $50 note + Paypal?

    So all Aboriginals are against head safety gear when they ride bikes? I thought it was law to wear one, or do they have special laws from them?
  6. snore

    Mixing wine with juice.

    Once I showed up at my old historys teachers house becasue I didn't have any mixers for my bottle of vodka and he introduced me to the wonders of grape juice. Seriously Vodka + Grape Juice = Real Fucking Good.
  7. snore

    General Thoughts - Economics

    i was shitting myself before the start of the day, modern and eco, but by the time i got to reading the eco paper i sat back and relaxed because the paper was so fucking easy.
  8. snore

    What have you eaten today?

    just maggi goreng
  9. snore

    Family- a) or b)

    that's pretty much what i wrote, great minds think alike. ;-)
  10. snore

    Bullshitting your statistics?

    Just remember these.
  11. snore


    Latest stats taken from the Leading Edge website, the last figure is the 12 month ago stat. Economic growth | 3.7% | Jun 08 | 3.3% Unemployment | 4.3% | Aug 08 | 4.2% Participation rate | 65.1% | Aug 08 | 65.0% Inflation (CPI) | 5.0% | Sep 08 | 1.9% Underlying Inflation | 4.7% | Sep 08 |...
  12. snore

    Posting during the Legal exam.

    But he did post, this thread is electronic proof that he did. Don't you believe in the thread?
  13. snore

    2008 HSC Timetable

    Re: Modern History / Economics = Gayest Exam Day Ever! Music doesn't sound like it would be that hard of an exam, no that I would know. As for Maths you just need to know your shit. Modern and Eco on the otherhand are two extremly content based exams, Modern is basically 4 essays and some...
  14. snore

    Posting during the Legal exam.

    henry08, you may find that it is you who is in fact 'a fucked up retarding douchebag,' as i was in the exam room with FatJ today and can vouch that he does infact do legal, and he was in the exam room before me and left after me.
  15. snore

    2008 HSC Timetable

    Re: Modern History / Economics = Gayest Exam Day Ever! mate, i feel sorry for you. that shit just aint cool.
  16. snore

    2008 HSC Timetable

    Modern History / Economics = Gayest Exam Day Ever! Who else is like me and got completely fucked by the BOS when they decided to play a cruel joke by making us sit both Modern History and Economics on the same fucking day!
  17. snore

    Posting during the Legal exam.

    Lol FatJ i can't believe you got so many people to talk about this.. 2.10, that's what 11.10 our time. Maybe we should speak in manlish so nobody can understand us becasue we are supremly awesome. Lah
  18. snore

    Q6 Multiple Choice!

    hahaha loser!!!!! you totally bummed out that exam now with the 1 mark!!!! i would call vtac and cancel your uni application!!!! only thing your good for is sucking some wanker SHORE kid!!!! ahahaha lolz
  19. snore

    How much did you write for each extended response?

    Whoa, wtf is up with writting so much? I couldn't write that much if i tried. 4 Consumer 5 Family