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  1. seano77

    2008/09 English premier League

    Lampard wasnt doing anything in the game anyway. I reckon it was a harsh red but still deserved, if you look at the challenge he has his studs up and only puts them down after making contact with Alonso. Bosingwa should've got sent off so i guess they even out. I thought Benayoun played...
  2. seano77

    2008/09 English premier League

    Please. All ManUtd have to do is trip over their shoelaces and they get a penalty. Or else Sralex will give them a dirty look, have a whinge to his friends on the FA board and get them sacked. Like the other day when Rooney took that 'corner' and they didnt give the goal he ran straight over to...
  3. seano77

    2008/09 English premier League

    I don't think so. The main reason being that they can't play football. They've been very lucky, lots of own goals scored for them. Most likely they'll drop off to around 6th or 7th very soon, once their lucky streak comes to an end. And its too early to give ManUtd the title. They are still...
  4. seano77

    Case Studies

    My local library has a harvey norman case study book that I used for HSC exam last year. Also the Sykes textbook has case studies in them.
  5. seano77

    The Official Football Thread 08/09

    Can't wait.
  6. seano77

    2008/09 English premier League

    Re: 2008 English premier League Villa are nothing special. And no, your not coming up for first place- your nine points away. You are just like the west hams, the portsmouths, etc. To even think that you will challenge for first spot is ludicrous.
  7. seano77

    Which type of idea will do best in Ext II English?

    Postmodern stuff doesn't do well if you don't write it well. So get an idea you are passionate about so that you can write about it with flair, then you will go well- its more important.
  8. seano77

    2008/09 English premier League

    We stay top by one point.. I was getting a bit nervous there until Alonso scored. Man Utd were lucky scoring in the 90th, but they had 31 shots- 8 on target so they probably deserved it.
  9. seano77

    Negative effects of a Depeciation question

    After a depreciation the exported goods are now less expensive to buy, so when foreigners exchange currency to purchase the same amount of goods it wont be as expensive. This will make no difference to the amount of Australian dollars the exporters receive, however in the long run international...
  10. seano77

    2008/09 English premier League

    Dammit- big chance missed this morning to go 3 points ahead of Chelsea.
  11. seano77

    2008/09 English premier League

    Some big games tonight. Hopefully wins for Man City and Arsenal.
  12. seano77

    2008/09 English premier League

    Re: 2008 English premier League Real Europe.
  13. seano77

    2008/09 English premier League

    Re: 2008 English premier League That still doesn't mean they're any good. I just don't see them qualifying for Europe anytime soon. Actually, I like them a bit more now that they drew with Man Utd overnight. As for the title race, it stays locked at the top.
  14. seano77

    Case Studies concerning management theories

    Have a look at Harvey Norman. Chairman Gerry Harvey has a very autocratic style, whilst the structure of the business is very flat.
  15. seano77

    Does God exist?

    Your logic: I've never been to China, I've never seen China, I think people who believe in China are stupid, thus China does not exist. Lets say you turn up before God on judgement day. Your excuse is 'in my reality you don't exist'. Sorry, but that makes no difference to what the reality is...
  16. seano77

    The Official Football Thread 08/09

    Nice position at the moment for us. Man Utd win their game in hand and were still 5 points ahead. Very nice. Reckon Chelsea look like dropping points any time soon?
  17. seano77

    2008/09 English premier League

    Re: 2008 English premier League Nice work on winning a game against a team in the top half of the table. Would that be the first time Villa have beaten a top four team ever? lol. Villa are a joke mate lets face it. Every year they pretend like they will push for a European spot and then fade...
  18. seano77

    help on economic essay

    Thats only part of it. You need to investigate the impact of globalisation on Thailand, which may includethings like FDI, economic development, unemployment, borrowings etc. Worth a look at syllabus: Impact of globalisation • international convergence • economic growth, development and the...
  19. seano77

    Case Study Advice

    Have a look in your local library. My library had a Harvey Norman case study book coverig the whole syllabus, which was awesome. But I think its best to have a couple of business in the back of your head too. Look at the Sykes textbook if you can, they have small paragraphs littered throughout...
  20. seano77

    "Assessment Rank Order from 13 November"

    How can there be so much talk about 'wrong' rankings, when teachers are not allowed to reveal them to us?