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    Ideas for visual for conflicting perspectives??

    I have an assessment task where we have to create a visual representation of conflicting perspectives.....any thoughts??
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    Earth and environmental!?

    I was trying to make notes the other day for e&e, but I can't answer the outcomes! Please, can anyone help??? These are the outcomes I need notes for: ~Explain how earthquakes, volcanic activity and new landforms result from interactions at plate boundaries ~some impacts of natural events...
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    School plans for year 10 in term 4

    First two weeks are revision and preparation for exams. week 3 is yearlies and week 4 is SC. then after that, my school is sending us on work experience, and then we come back to start year 11 work for maths and english (i think...) while all the other subjects are basically bludges. And we...
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    How long do u study for each day???

    I study as long as I can...usually a couple of hours. And even though people are saying the SC doesn't count - which it doesn't and i think it is a complete waste of time - you should still study, cause its an indicator of the schools progress and of the students progress. Just study as...
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    my pe teacher doesn't teach us anything, and i'm finding it really hard to make notes for my yearly exam. if you can help, i'm looking for notes on: ~role of power in relationships ~trust talk, take control model ~factors influencing health decisions and access to facilities ~mental illness...
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    Employment Contracts

    thanx for not answering the maybe i won't help you unless you help me..... actually, i don't know examples of enterprise agreements, i haven't done that part of my assignment yet. I would take a guess at....sectors in the labour force that earn higher incomes??? I don't...
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    Employment Contracts

    I'm doing an assignment where I have to research the three different employment contracts: awards, enterprise agreements and common law contracts. does anyone have some good sites I can look at beside the fair work australia site??? and i'm also looking for advantages and disadvantages of...
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    Different types of employment contracts

    sounds like your doing the same assignment as i am the guy above has the right list of employment contracts:awards, enterprise agreements and common law contracts if your getting your notes from a textbook, it will be out of date because the new laws have only just come in (1st July 2009)...