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    Nope you don't know me

    Nope you don't know me
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    Anyone else find q15 much harder than q16?
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    How many booklets did you fill out?

    1, 1 + one page, 1 + one sentence... Lololol
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    Module B: Speeches Discussion

    Yeah fucking Deane.. I was prepared to talk about values like equality etc nek minut national identity. Didn't even study that in depth. I used Keating anyway, even though I could barely recall any quotes, had like 2 lolz
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    screwed up the 6 marker for s1 and had to write a new creative since mine had nothing to do with community gg essay was alright hoping for b5 for eng tho :(
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    E12 offers?

    My friend got a rejection email today for commerce :-(
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    Need feedback on my creative please

    Is anyone willing to critique my creative for belonging? It would be much appreciated :) thanks
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    Can I get a 90+ with these ranks?

    School rank: 200-250 Overall these are my ranks and assessment percentages at the moment English adv: ~13/19, 75% (first assessment really let me down :( will definitely improve. came 3rd last year) English ext 1: 2/2, 84% (difference of 1 mark) Maths 2U: 5/81, 95% Maths 3U: 3/30, ~93%...
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    Atar estimate, please and thank you!

    School rank: ~200 English Adv: 4/21 English Ext1: 1/2 Maths Adv: 8/81 Maths Ext1: 9/30 Ancient History: 10/62 Economics: 4/27 Biology: 27/50 (probably gonna drop it) Based off year 11 rankings
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    Can I still get a high band 6?

    Thanks for the advice guys! It's comforting to know that I at least still have a chance. Just gonna try smash the trials and externals, and hope for the best. :chainsaw2:
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    Can I still get a high band 6?

    I know I can get a band 6, but what about a high one? 95+? I'm worried that it might be unattainable at this point, I'm not too sure.
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    Can I still get a high band 6?

    I've just received my marks back for our half yearly for 2U Advanced maths. I got 46/50, which I'm pretty disappointed with since I made several silly mistakes zz. This task brings my total ranking to 11/85ish. I only have the trials next which weighs 40%, and after that is the HSC. My school's...