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    should i tell or not..?

    Please- if you want to keep seeing your boyfriend (as little as that may already be) DO NOT tell your parents. I speak from personal experience. Don't tell them until the HSC is over because then they can't blame him for every failure you have this year. Don't give them ammunition. What...
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    Umm I don't think it matters if you stay day or night- one stay is considered an overnight stay- I don't really know for sure, but I think that's how it goes- you just pay that rate?? I don't know.. My boy and I went to the Metro Inn or something near Town Hall end of HSC- it was nice...
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    Things you and your partner can do at home

    In regards to what to cook- you can make something simple like cookies or cakes. It's not too hard or Lady-and-the-Tramp-esque...I think it's sweet. Hmm someone else said sleep- that's really nice too. If not, lying in bed and talking is good too.
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    Help with the pill

    Err....I'm so confused after reading your post... But this is what I know what you're supposed to do- you take the active pill on the first day of your period- it's weird but that's what you do the very first time you take the contraceptive pill. Just keep taking them- your period will last...
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    How does this guy feel?

    He likes you. He sounds like a genuine guy- I'd say he's a keeper. Ignore everyone saying that he's just wanting to get into your pants- they're mostly guys who know they are incapable of being gentlemen and therefore not being able to charm a girl like yourself!
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    Boat Floaters

    You can't expect rape.
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    Lost Season 2 (Australian tv followers - no spoilers)

    Is Walter Sarah's ex-fiance????? Cos that was weird...and I'm confused...
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    Breaks- do they work??

    Well just to let you all know, this break worked. We worked things out- or more like he realised he was being a fool and wanted me back... Thanks for the undying support, all you un-believers...heh..
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    Well it's a bit like this...

    Yes. Boys suck so much sometimes. They break your heart and they don't care. They move on. Fucking bastards they all are. Damn them.
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    Breaks- do they work??

    I think I pushed him too far...we've been talking since I suggested the break and it's not such a good idea..I dont know anymore...I don't know what to do...I think he's made up his mind and I feel so helpless.
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    Breaks- do they work??

    No, you didn't trail for too long! Your post was the most positive one here and I'm so glad you shared your experience- everyone else is scaring and disheartening me... I'm so glad things worked out between you and your boyfriend- I could only hope to be so lucky...
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    how to store jewellery

    I have this bronze engraved bowl thingy I got from Bondi markets- I lined it with some black fabric and put all my cheaper jewellery in there and hang my earrings around the outisde of it. Then, I have this blue ceramic plate in the shape of a leaf to put my gold/silver jewellery on. It...
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    Breaks- do they work??

    Sometimes he says things that upset me. He can't bear upsetting me, so he folds. He gives in. He says I guilt trip him. He says he doesn't want to go on hurting me and needs to stop being so soft with me. He says he needs time to think things over- if it's worth working things through...
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    Relationships & HSC

    Re: Is the HSC straining your Relationship? My bf and I talked every night of the HSC exam period and saw each other more than twice a week at LEAST. We both kicked arse in the end, him getting above 94 and me above 97. So, it doesnt really answer your question, but still talking to...
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    Breaks- do they work??

    My boyfriend and I are going on a break. I want to know if they ever work- do couples ever get back together and make things right? I need to know because the ball's pretty much in his court and I'm just clinging onto the hope that we will get back together. If anyone's had an experience...
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    Making your Uni Timetable

    I think at UTS you have the choice of building your own timetable...I'm not 100% sure but I think UNSW students can do it too... Here is a copy/pasted extract from the law faculty helpful hints: "Either write down or print out your: Course Code e.g. C10124 Bachelor of Laws Subject...
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    How many hours of classes a day??

    At UTS, you can have a look at the timetables before enrolment day so you can plan what kind of timetable you want for the semester. I don't know how it works for other unis...I think UNSW have a similar system...
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    How many hours of classes a day??

    For those who have experience in uni lectures and tutorials... When is it too much in terms of lectures and tutes for a day? Like, how many hours is good and how many is too many for a day? I'm thinking of doing a 6.5 hour (classes only) day so I can get 2 weekdays off but I'm not sure if...
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    Enrolment- one or two semesters??

    This is a quick question- I got an offer for UTS and have to organise my timetable- do I organise it for both the autumn and spring semesters or just the autumn semester for now?? Thanks!
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    Universities lie about their course cutoffs

    USYD does it too- I have 2 friends who got into their courses with UAIs lower than the official 2006 cut-offs. What's the go??