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    Retail.. pre-retail talk.

    Is there any way to predict what essay questions there might be? any ideas!!! ideas on other questions? how was everyones trial mark?
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    Section II - Society

    i covered this dot-point in an assessment, u just had to basically briefly say that sparta had become a military state, 'breeding' only the fittest children to become strong warriors. and then put in some stuff about how it was their form of education, it was basically a way of lving, they ate...
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    Section I - Core

    cities of vesuvius.. did this section have a source of apollos statue? or am i thinking spart to the battle of L. ? ive forgotten the whole exam now!
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    Hospitality Exam did anyone else think that was reaaalllly reaallllly hard???? expecially the 15 marker on govt initiatives and labour issues and emerging markets??? my friend just wrote about the smokefree act.....
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    Music 1 - General thoughts

    ok so here goes my views. i thought b4 i got in "i hope i dont get a vocal one!!" cuz im a bit shotty with vocal techniques.. but they were ok first one i didnt have too much to say i just notated heaps of stuff and wrote all i could.. second one was the orchestral one? didnt like it much...
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    Powerplay - Related Texts

    theres nothing wrong with having heaps of ralated texts, in our school our last assessment is a portfolio, we have to pick 4 texts in different forms eg film, feature article, poem, lyrics, novels, photos etc we hav to write comparitive essays looking at the types of power and how it is used...