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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    COMM1000 Creating Social Change Ease: 9/10 - Relatively easy course. No final exam, just long research reports and presentations. Content: 9/10 - Very interesting and useful course to give perspective on social change Lecturer: 10/10 - Knows her stuff quite well Tutors: 9/10 - Very...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    === 2016 Subject Reviews S1 === ACCT1501 - Accounting & Financial Mgt 1A Ease: 9/10. Pretty easy course. Make sure you know your statements and stuff well and just memorise and you'll be fine. Content: 5/10. Boring. You have to force yourself to do statements and stuff but it's easy. Lecturer...
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    Distinguished Achievers List 2016 (with sortable Excel File)

    Hi guys! For your ease I've ripped the BOSTES Distinguished Achievers List 2016 into a web page And the sortable excel file
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    Cheap Prelim/HSC Mathematics Tutor (2u/3u/4u) - inner west/south west region

    Hey everyone! I'm currently a second year student at UNSW studying Computer Science/Commerce. I'm offering tutoring for both Preliminary and HSC math from 2 unit to 4 unit. My Marks Year 10 SC Mark: 96/100 Prelim Mathematics: 98/100 HSC Mathematics Extension 1: 95/100 HSC Mathematics...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    COMP2041 - Software Construction Ease: 9/10. As long as you do all the labs, the subject is pretty easy. Final exam is why I didn't give 10/10, the last 2-3 questions are a bit difficult. Content: 20/10. Super real life usable skills. Super high recommended. Although if you can do stuff in...
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    UNSW or USYD

    I can't speak for usyd, but there is a reason there's so much hype around UNSW engineering. Like my fellow students have said above, we have weekly barbecues, our students are coming out with awesome innovation and competing at the highest level (solar cars) and achieving awesome results...
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    Are certain alternative pathways preferred over others by unis?

    For Commerce at UNSW, you need a distinction average as a minimum to transfer (generally), and yes, it is much easier to transfer internally than externally. UNSW has a program called - IPT - Internal Program Transfer. Depending on your specific uni though the cutoff might be higher since in...
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    Distinguished Achievers List

    Hey dudes, I created a script to rip the data yesterday avo. Take a look: Used - to convert it to excel/csv
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    Maths in comp science?

    For comp sci first year maths (@unsw): 2u = Lots of work to catchup and understand 3u = will get DN from not doing much, HD if u try 4u = Skip all lectures, cram near end, still end up with HD That's assuming u take normal level of math. If u take higher math then bring it down a notch, I.e 4u...
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    Good enough for a 99.95 ?

    English will kill ur lyf- not 99.95 for sure
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    ATAR estimation experiment!

    English Advanced: 90 Math X1: 96 Math X2: 92 Chem: 92 Phys: 92 Eco: 91 ATAR: 99.05
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    Summer school MGMT1001? MARK1012?

    I heard you have to pay upfront/full or something if u do it in summer school?
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    Computer Science undergrand in NSW -- UNSW or USYD?

    Note: UNSW doesn't have buckland teaching us anymore. Regardless, I think UNSW has one of the best Comp Sci degrees in Australia. Sure it'll be hard work, but the amount you get out of it would be insane. Friends at UTS say their course is okay, lecturers are okay. USYD not sure but pretty sure...
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    IT/ICT job prospects Help.

    No worries, there will always be demand for IT jobs (although it has slowed significantly). Just make sure you know ur stuff and beat those internationals at their own game lol
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    Computer Science and Software Engineering Jobs?

    If you are like the majority of comp sci students you'll still end up going into Programming. If that's the case then Comp Sci is just Soft Eng without all the engineering subs (i.e. ENG1000 SENG...). So its much more flexible and relaxed. Also, comp sci gives you an opportunity to go into...
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    General Maths and Software Engineering?

    Ideally you should be doing 3 unit math. If you drop to general you will get rekt in 1st year eng maths. Atleast if u do 2u you will be good for some calculus bits.
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    ECON1101 - Microeconomics Ease: 9/10 - Very easy subject if you understand the content you're bound to get a HD. Definitely a WAM booster. Content: 9/10 - Interesting content. Having not done economics in high school I found the content very enlightening! Lecturer: Alberto Motta -> 10/10 - He...
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    HSC 2012-14 MX2 Integration Marathon (archive)

    Re: MX2 Integration Marathon So that's e to the power of e to the power of e^x squared, hmm does that work?
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    2014 MX2 trial papers?

    Please PM me too :)
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    HSC 2012-14 MX2 Integration Marathon (archive)

    Re: MX2 Integration Marathon Well done guys :) Whoops @dunjaa switch the boundaries and remember that it's e to the power of the answer :P