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    Is the 1917 blog marked?

    The blog in itself is not marked but your blog entries will be what you use as evidence when putting together your portfolio so they are just as important.
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    Commerce Textbooks

    The course outline has this to say: "This is the most recent edition and any previous editions must not be used as a substitute."
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    University Grades

    Take a look at this page on the UNSW website. The graph on there shows that on average about 35% of people get 75 or above, but it varies a huge amount from course to course.
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    Comp1917 or Comp1911

    COMP1917 can be taken instead of COMP1911 regardless of what stream you're in. You won't need COMP1917 for civil but given that you're unsure and are interested in computing you might as well give it a go. If you find it way too difficult you'll be able to drop down to COMP1911 easily in the...
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    No Lecture for Math1081?

    "If you are unable to select the Lecture for MATH1081 then the course is full regardless of spaces being available in the tutorials. There are very limited places available in the lecture as these are reserved for students in the Advanced Maths Programs. Please contact Markie Lugton...
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    My degree is impossible!

    Are you referring to where it says "8.Students may not enrol into Level II courses until at least 30 UOC of Level I courses have been successfully completed."? If so, that is talking about all of your courses, not just the maths ones.
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    UNSW rollcall 2016

    1st year commerce/engineering also
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    2016 Sem 1 Timetables Thread

    Managed to get a 3 day timetable apart from some occasional computing tests, very happy
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    Post Your 2016 University Offers Here

    Engineering / Commerce at UNSW
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    IB over HSC???

    I went to a school which offered both the HSC and IB and it was clear to everybody that the workload for the IB was significantly less. When we were in year 11 they only did a single piece of assessment, and so by the end of our first term of year 12 we had already done more stuff which counted...
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    Subject selection help

    I was only talking about splitting the first year of subjects (which is all engineering) and choosing any 8 commerce subjects you want (likely the compulsory ones, some flexi cores, and some from your major). Have a read of the handbook, everything is there even if it takes a while to find. Yep...
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    Subject selection help

    It all depends: If you drop to straight commerce, MATH1131/MATH1141 replaces ECON1203 from your commerce degree so that wouldn't be wasted. You should also be able to count 2 courses as general education so they wouldn't be wasted either. If you swap from engineering to something like science...
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    Subject selection help

    I'm in the same situation as you and had some of those questions answered on this thread. Essentially they recommend you do all engineering in year 1 but you don't have to follow what they say - I think I'm going to do half engineering and half commerce (or maybe 3 engineering and 1 commerce)...
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    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    Chem 92 6 EngAd 87 5 MathsX1 98 E4 MathsX2 93 E4 Phys 94 6 LatnC 94 6 LatnX 47 E4
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    Commerce / Engineering Questions

    Thanks for the help everyone, it's much appreciated. I've been trying to plan out my subjects and have a few follow-on questions: If I were doing one in each semester of first year, which of ACCT1501 and ECON1101 should I do first? Both have no pre-reqs and run both semesters (and I didn't do...
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    Commerce / Engineering Questions

    Hi all, I'm looking at studying combined commerce/engineering at UNSW next year and still have a range of questions remaining. My main problem is that I'm not set on which field I want to work in so I'm trying to keep my options as open as possible: 1. Course Structure Looking at the...
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    Co-op Program for 2016

    Anybody get an offer? I got shortlisted which I'm reasonably happy with given my interview wasn't great
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    Co-op Program for 2016

    How did everyone's interviews go? I got flooded with behavioural questions at the start and answered a lot of them poorly, also had no answer for "Tell me a time when you were part of a team which completely failed" It got better after that and I had some solid questions to ask them, but on the...
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    UNSW Commonwealth Bank of Australia Women in Engineering Scholarship

    I just emailed them: "You will be notified by the end of the week on the outcome of your application."