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    2002 question 25 helP! can someone explain the how to get the direction of the magentic field in part C. thank you
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    investigation - radio waves

    perform an investigation to demonstrate the produciton and reception of radio waves. We never did this! help please!
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    investigation - analogue and digital

    investigation to demonstrate difference between analogue and digital voltage over time. Can someone explain please!
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    thomson's charge to mass ratio

    thank you! by the way.. what were the equations?
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    thomson's charge to mass ratio

    can someone explain his experiment to me? i read the jacaranda text book but my teacher said it was wrong so now i'm completely confused!
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    things to clear up

    i dont think the meisner effect is about eddy currents. When a superconductor is in its superconducting state, current flows in the superconductor to produce a magnetic field that cancels the magnetic field inside the supercondctor. This expulsion of field is the Meisner effect. If a small...
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    US and UN.. did anyone do them?!!

    ok yeah same.. everyone in my class did the first question.. but we only have 8 people! i talked about Korea and Somalia and Cambodia.. and alittle bit about the International Court of Justice and how that attempted to promote collective security and internationalism
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    US and UN.. did anyone do them?!!

    how'd u find it!