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    Roll Call - EX2 2015!

    me! :)
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    I finally got your username lol

    I finally got your username lol
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    Predicted length

    as usual; It should be around the 800-1000 word ballpark
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    Do you know anyone who got a 50/50 by doing film?

    I girl at my school last year got 50/50 by doing a film, in fact she state ranked by doing one
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    Paper 1

    this could work
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    history extension

    would you be willing to give them for free? I was considering doing history extension :)
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    rep bars

    says the mod with 10 gold bars :p
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    Hsc in one week!

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    rep bars

    I didn't get anything :(
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    rep bars

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    Writing booklets

    I thought this as well
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    Hsc in one week!

    people will find other ways to procrastinate :haha:
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    Hsc in one week!

    I'll be doing the same thing next year however I am doing my maths 2 unit paper this year
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    Hsc in one week!

    First HSC exam tomorrow and you guys are still on bored of studies lol
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    Quick Question; can you shorten/condense your texts name into its initials?

    maybe write the whole thing out in the intro and then abbreviate it after
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    Help me please!

    I am handwriting my notes because I find that it is easier and I won't be distracted
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    Roll Call: Class of 2015

    hello fellow friends; I hope to see all you guys throughout the year :)
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    Em's HSC Journey

    I am doing that as well :)
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    Anyone else done less than 10 units? How have you found it?

    I did accelerated maths and will be doing the HSC exam this year. I really don't like maths or have the passion for it and I don't think I'll get a good mark (maybe band 4/5) so I decided to keep 10 units for my HSC