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  1. Jess007

    Urgent Please Help Me!!

    okay so im doing the hsc exam on friday ( 7th nov) and i dont have a case study for COASTAL DUNES yet..could anybody please let me know of any!! please!! xxx Jess
  2. Jess007

    Ancient or Modern?

    well i do both. i like modern better since i can actually justify all the info with examples. anceitn is hard cause its got weird names ( different) names tht i find it hard to remember. thats just me. both are good thouh.
  3. Jess007

    Are the Shops Open Tommorow?

    yep 10-4 :)
  4. Jess007

    Australain troops begin Iraq withdrawl

    theyve been there for 5 years i think thats long enough and i think the iraq govt. should of come up with their own laws and a better system. im glad our soldiers are out. i watched the news and got a bit teary watching the dads, in some cases mums returning to their little kids and wives. i...
  5. Jess007

    What would be the best End-Of-HSC anthem?

    wow im watching my people film clip on youtube right i read that last post it started playing
  6. Jess007

    Who was your first celebrity crush?

    haha trust u to love the young girls.. :p
  7. Jess007

    Your Parents Or Him

    how could u ask if iw as high, im writing the same as everyone else, exactly why would you want to write like that...why waste time anyway? its pretty..but unnecessary really..
  8. Jess007

    Your Parents Or Him

    who the hell are you? and why the hell do you write like your high?
  9. Jess007

    Your Parents Or Him

    let her get hurt..let her learn lessons by herself... parents give us advice, its our choice as young adults to listen to them or 'listen' to them and do what we want. most of the time, they're right. but wheres the fun in not trying something. they might approve. they might not.tell your...
  10. Jess007

    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    i rented out ' Waitress' yesterday keri russel and some random dude omg so so so bad!!!!! ahhh disasterous!! see it if you want to just sit there for 1 and a half hours on the verge of tears due to the bad'ness' of the movie
  11. Jess007

    Homosexuality in Australia

    wow, i dont know what to think after that all...where do u get off? lol
  12. Jess007

    The Presets?

    thanks guys/ladies ive copied all the bands into a word doc. and ill get around to getting some of those bands songs. presets just make me happy and wanna dance...what music makes you all happy? or hyper? or what music do u listen to when your angry? thanks again!! Jess omg! hi...
  13. Jess007

    The Presets?

    hey bosers, just wondering if anyone knows of a band, artist etc that sounds like THE PRESETS? thanks, Jess
  14. Jess007

    pics for a haircut.
  15. Jess007

    sum up the hsc in one word?

    over rated agreed with that :)
  16. Jess007

    What movie do you like that you have seen recently?

    omg i cant wait to see that movie!!
  17. Jess007

    :( R.I.P Chico

    my cousin fattened up her fish like over fed them and stuff they were massive..then she cooked them on the BBQ when she was drunk haha..she didnt eat them...her and her friends just cooked them...grosse:)
  18. Jess007

    What have you eaten today?

    a bowl of crunchy nut 3 grapes chicken sandwhich with lettuce mayo and cheese might have a cornetto soon i have a cold and ive lost my taste which sucks!!!
  19. Jess007

    Please Help

    hey hey ive got an assignment for ancient, on Pericles- Military Achievements i was wondering if anyone has any notes/links/info that they could pass onto me. any help would be good. I need to do a 10 minute presentation ( which im not worried about) and i also need to do a broadsheet...
  20. Jess007

    Attitudes towards assignments/exams

    i like exams better i hate doing school work, alonga strict guideline and knowing that no matter how much work i do, ill et 60% or lower....i just don tknow how to do assignments...and exams are over quicker...